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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Executions → Two murderers hanged in public in Tehran on 08/02/2007

Two men convicted of murdering a top Iranian judge in 2005 were hanged in public in central Tehran on Thursday, the first such public executions in the Iranian capital in five years. The men were executed for the murder of Hassan Moghaddas, a hardline deputy prosecutor and head of the "guidance" court in Tehran, who was shot dead by two men as he was getting into his car in August 2005.

Video: Download "hanging_two_men_iran.wmv"

Iranian regime still practices such horrible acts as public hangings.

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It says "police" on his vest,because all world leaders are blood related and behind the scenes,they are all sleeping in the same bed,are all part of the same massive conspiracy and are not really enemies...
2012-06-10 09:02:17

2012-04-23 09:44:53

So, this seems more like a site for gay people by reading the comments. Damn!
2012-04-19 05:04:06

As far as I am concerned two more Muslims
we don't have to worry about, but let
there be more especially if they wack more
High officals :)
2012-04-08 21:19:21

well the fact is there are those who
deserve to be hanged and those who do ,
now in the above scenario the 2 deserved
to be hanged , and by doing it publicly
the Iranian regime has managed to warn
people about the consequences and 666
you must that understand that even USA
also executes people ... and all for the
same reasons, and plus as a muslim i
will strongly support iran for this
execution and probably any other
deserved execution
2012-03-14 12:48:45

Im Gay
did u guys noticed the bulge on the guy with the green pants ? damn i bet he had a fat cock...RIP hahahah
2012-02-24 04:59:05

Why does it say "Police" on his vest if this is Iran?
2012-02-20 05:51:41

yep good riddance 2 this ethnic crap....
de bitches hanging over dere deserve it
2011-12-30 15:26:27

good riddance to this ethnic garbage
2011-11-09 18:32:12

what a waste of good man meat.nothing hurts with pleasure more than a persian dick up my ass. :(
2011-10-29 20:33:39

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