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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Executions → Execution of Nicolae and Elena Ceaucescu (12/25/1989)

Nicolae Ceausescu a was the leader (General Secretary of the Romanian Communist Party) of Romania from 1965 until December 1989.

Video: Download "nicolae_elena_ceaucescu_execution.wmv"

Ceausescu's regime collapsed after a series of violent events in Timisoara and Bucharest in December 1989. On December 25, Nicolae and Elena Ceaucescu were condemned to death by a military court on charges ranging from illegal gathering of wealth to genocide, and were executed executed by shooting in Targoviste. Before they were shot dead, Ceausescu sang part of "The Internationale" and proclaimed that history would judge him well. His wife was screaming at everyone to go to hell. The Ceausescus were executed by Captain Ionel Boeru and two other soldiers who shot them with AK-47 assault rifles. The "trial" and execution were videotaped. The footage was promptly released in France and other western countries. Several days later, footage of their trial and pictures of their corpses (but not of the execution itself) were released on television for the Romanian public.

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Listen, people! I live in Romania since 5 ys! 20 ys of
democracy are very very little, believe me! The
troubles of communism are so so big, a disaster!
But we (I am italian) can solve, for sure, give us a
little time again, please! This is a fine country! If EU
and FMI help us we go on! This is not a country of
only gipsies (tigani)! Romanian people is fine,
works, and hate them, they are not a native race,
we call them RRom, not Rom, they are an evil! They
are devils!!!
2010-11-29 22:59:08

Bine, foarte bine! Fine, very good! I am italian livin’
in Constanta, Romania and I can see troubles that
this bastard pig and his rotten whore wife Helena
did to this fine country! Fuck Ceausescu and
Communism, who deletes civilisation and freedom
all over the world! We are in troubles now for the
fake cause of this fuck damn‘ communism! Go to
2010-11-29 22:48:08

well deserved
Ceausescu fooled everybody on earth but the Romanians. Love when they drag swine like this out back for slaughter.
2010-09-02 02:42:34

>Freak..Romania was one of the wealthiest countries before communism.

Why isn't it wealthiest now, when communism is gone? With capitalism coming, poverty is everywhere, but idiots blame the communism.
2010-09-01 10:30:56

People's Justice
Quote by Dannyell: ...Romania was one of the wealthiest countries before communism...

Indeed it WAS and then what happened to that wealth? It was greedily aquired to the gain of a murderous dictator and his wife and their well-connected cronies all at the expense of the common people until they righteously rebeled and took back all that was stolen from them.
2010-08-04 20:11:34

ahahahhaha burn ceausescu burn
2010-05-16 20:29:31

Ceausescu and his wife paid a heavy price for what they did but all leaders of men know it could happen at any time when the conditions that keep them in power collapses overnight.
2009-12-25 15:44:29

Freak..Romania was one of the wealthiest countries before communism. U check ur fucking history.
2009-12-24 21:59:41

i wish they would have translated the argument and wut a waste of good hemp twine!!!
2009-12-10 21:27:26

no se ingles, pueden traducirlo
2009-11-28 17:42:25

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