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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Executions → Execution of Gay Teens in Iran (July 19, 2005)

Two gay teenagers Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhoni were hanged in public in the Iranian city of Mashhad on July 19, 2005. Photos of the execution released by Iranian Students News Agency showed the two teens crying in the truck driving them to the gallows in Edalat (Justice) Square.

The case had considerable global resonance. Iran has been under fire by international human rights groups for executing those teenagers for almost one year. But there were some interesting facts regarding this case. The first one is that Ayaz and Mahmoud were caught by Iranian Police during having anal sex with a 13 year old boy. Because the age of consent for men in Iran is 15, this 13 year old boy was automatically then classified raped by Mahmoud and Ayaz. So, in the eyes of the Iranian law, that boy was raped! The second one was those teens were aged 18 and 19 (death penalty is forbidden in Iran for those under the age of 18 at the time of their crime; almost no one wrote about this in mass media). The father of the 13 year old boy also officially claimed his son was raped.

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What about the "gay genocide" perhaps to be legislated in UGANDA. ???
2010-03-07 16:09:01

execution pictures please remove from there. gays ist gays. it make homophobia. Ant show more pictures about male castraation.
2010-03-02 19:03:54

게이는 사람취급못받는 더러운세상

-17년 동정남-
2010-02-16 14:54:42

I have had a chance to read some of the commentaries written below, some are decidely over the top, some people are going to have to look within to find a proper sence of justice and humanity. This is more than a hideous crime against to young boys, its injustice, and justice belongs to all people or none.
2010-02-07 08:11:47

Amesty International makes a just case for International standards, and these boys certainly did not deserve to be tortured and then brutally hanged by slow strangulation. Those who think the judgement fair, should ask themselves if they would like to suffer Iranian Justice?
2010-02-07 06:49:20

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2009-12-10 21:44:49

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the guy in the 2 pic has one eyebrow
2009-12-03 04:51:35

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2009-11-30 14:11:43

- @ Truth -

You're a fucking idiot for believing that...actually, you're just a fucking idiot.

However, the sand nigger president in Iran said they don't have the problem with gays like we do in America. IT'S BECAUSE YOU FUCKING KILL THEM ALL.
2009-11-18 05:56:38

That should happen to all of them fags!!!
2009-11-16 11:15:02

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