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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Executions → Execution of Gay Teens in Iran (July 19, 2005)

Two gay teenagers Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhoni were hanged in public in the Iranian city of Mashhad on July 19, 2005. Photos of the execution released by Iranian Students News Agency showed the two teens crying in the truck driving them to the gallows in Edalat (Justice) Square.

The case had considerable global resonance. Iran has been under fire by international human rights groups for executing those teenagers for almost one year. But there were some interesting facts regarding this case. The first one is that Ayaz and Mahmoud were caught by Iranian Police during having anal sex with a 13 year old boy. Because the age of consent for men in Iran is 15, this 13 year old boy was automatically then classified raped by Mahmoud and Ayaz. So, in the eyes of the Iranian law, that boy was raped! The second one was those teens were aged 18 and 19 (death penalty is forbidden in Iran for those under the age of 18 at the time of their crime; almost no one wrote about this in mass media). The father of the 13 year old boy also officially claimed his son was raped.

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You people that are claiming this is not rape are retarded. The kid was 13. Gay or not, that is rape. If it were a female that was 13 you'd say "poor little girl." It's no different just because you jack asses want to stand up for gay rights. Criminals don't have rights. They forfeit them when they commit a crime.
2009-11-10 22:24:47

No human being have the right to take someone alse life those poor kids are martyrs
2009-11-01 11:50:09

the whole entire middle east needs some help by means of destruction! to think that they have started killing their own folks.(nice one) anyway you wont find that shit in south africa.
2009-10-17 11:21:57

Of course the father of the boy that was "raped" would claim it to be as such. The man would not want the shame of having a homosexual living in his household just the same as the country doesn't within their borders. The government could have persecuted his son for homosexual acts as well.

People who support these ideals of discrimination will eventually meet their fate. I am forced to ask, though... Why do these hateful people believe they should be spared the short drop and sudden stop they've helped so many people experience throughout history? Fortunately for them, their ideals tend to die of natural causes (as will they most likely).
2009-10-17 07:42:46

They will not be jerking each other's circumcised cocks off any more now then! Were they allowed to get a last one off before they were executed?
2009-10-16 13:29:19


2009-09-26 17:07:57

Ah, this is very good. I wish this could
happen every day till there were none
2009-09-12 23:13:41

The US needs to use H-bombs to turn the whole
fucking Middle East (INCLUDING ISRAEL!) into a
radioactive basketball court.
2009-09-07 12:02:39

again and again this same history abaut minnorities... well y already chose not to live in this f... planet any more. it stinks!
2009-09-06 01:10:53

this is horrible. they were 16 and 18,
they were doesn't matter if
they were gays, they were human beings.
poor guys. i hope they are together
again, somwhere in heaven. fuck iran and
fuck khomeini!
2009-08-31 16:44:52

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