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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Executions → Execution of Gay Teens in Iran (July 19, 2005)

Two gay teenagers Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhoni were hanged in public in the Iranian city of Mashhad on July 19, 2005. Photos of the execution released by Iranian Students News Agency showed the two teens crying in the truck driving them to the gallows in Edalat (Justice) Square.

The case had considerable global resonance. Iran has been under fire by international human rights groups for executing those teenagers for almost one year. But there were some interesting facts regarding this case. The first one is that Ayaz and Mahmoud were caught by Iranian Police during having anal sex with a 13 year old boy. Because the age of consent for men in Iran is 15, this 13 year old boy was automatically then classified raped by Mahmoud and Ayaz. So, in the eyes of the Iranian law, that boy was raped! The second one was those teens were aged 18 and 19 (death penalty is forbidden in Iran for those under the age of 18 at the time of their crime; almost no one wrote about this in mass media). The father of the 13 year old boy also officially claimed his son was raped.

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I hate Muslims
The muslim pigs are dipshits. Bloody brainless pig-dicks. all the muslim countries like this should be treated with ATOM BOMBS !!!
2012-05-06 17:31:20

Adolf Hitler
Too bad I didn't win bc there would be no gays,
Jews, or Muslims!
2012-04-29 09:45:01

shah kir
کس اول آخرتان خوب شد
mothers fuker
2012-04-09 00:56:41

give me a break, the Iranians lied about the younger teen being raped, that was refuted by the two teens during their trial and after, this was reported.

your homophobic bullshit is obvious to all.
2012-03-24 05:23:31

hanging two pedophile anal sodomy rapists of a
13 y/o boy is MORE than fair. also it sends a
message. that message is, if you want to do
anal sex to someone, it had better not be with a
2012-03-13 18:52:03

Im Gay
gees these guys should'a rapped me, i would of never snitched !
2012-02-24 05:01:21

Masked muslims pigs,fucking idiots !
2012-02-23 03:17:21

@shift: you hate gay because you hate
what u see in the mirror and cannot
admit. that goes for all you "gay
killers" haha. as if a gay would be any
threat to you. it just shows how afraid
u are to find out you like ass. you
2012-02-12 20:14:50

Hanging an 18 and a 19-year-old for raping a kid of 13 is more than just.
2012-02-10 00:30:26

do you really think lesbos like men dude youve been watching to many fuk films tripper
2012-02-01 11:12:45

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