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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Executions → Execution of Gay Teens in Iran (July 19, 2005)

Two gay teenagers Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhoni were hanged in public in the Iranian city of Mashhad on July 19, 2005. Photos of the execution released by Iranian Students News Agency showed the two teens crying in the truck driving them to the gallows in Edalat (Justice) Square.

The case had considerable global resonance. Iran has been under fire by international human rights groups for executing those teenagers for almost one year. But there were some interesting facts regarding this case. The first one is that Ayaz and Mahmoud were caught by Iranian Police during having anal sex with a 13 year old boy. Because the age of consent for men in Iran is 15, this 13 year old boy was automatically then classified raped by Mahmoud and Ayaz. So, in the eyes of the Iranian law, that boy was raped! The second one was those teens were aged 18 and 19 (death penalty is forbidden in Iran for those under the age of 18 at the time of their crime; almost no one wrote about this in mass media). The father of the 13 year old boy also officially claimed his son was raped.

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the fags in my country should see something like this. so they won't mocking our values of life by their money and their international fags solidarity. tq
2011-10-27 19:08:40

I wish they'd do this to the majority of Russians. So many Russian fags in Russia.
2011-10-20 01:51:58

fuck the fags. that is where all the gay men should be at.
2011-10-13 05:37:03

these guys had what they deserved
2011-10-07 01:12:36

The world is shamed by this crime against two young teenagers; the last century was the most violent century in history, obviously we have learned nothing.
2011-10-01 01:49:43

Indeed the world would be better and safer without religion, it seems two thirds of the bigotry and violence in the world comes from superstition.
2011-09-26 10:22:23

The world would be more civilized and advanced if
religion didn't exist.
2011-09-22 09:01:55

Those poor, poor teenagers. If only the same could be
done to the twats that did this to them!
You can't help who you are!
Rest in peace angels x
2011-09-09 04:00:14

Thou Shalt Not Kill.
2011-08-18 06:11:51

David Barberstein
Good hanging
2011-08-09 22:06:16

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