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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Brutality → Stoning Iraqi girl to death

Iraqi girl was stoned to death for being yazeedi (not muslim). She escaped with a muslim man and when her family caught her they did that.

Video: Download "stoning_iraqi_girl_to_death.wmv"

Stoning, or lapidation, refers to a form of capital punishment execution method carried out by an organized group throwing stones or rocks at the person they mean to execute. It is a common punishment for adultery in Islamic countries such as Afghanistan, Nigeria, Iran, Pakistan, Sudan, Saudi-Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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these are not people
2011-01-20 22:49:11

Why is it always muzzies that do this shit? These cunts are still in the dark ages.
2011-01-19 21:59:36

Jeriko sucks dick
I believe you are the dick sucker, all of us asked
your dad and he said you suck the best dick.
2011-01-17 11:31:21

more info here: swad
2011-01-17 02:16:25

this info is wrong. the girl was born in a yazedi family but wanted to marry a guy who was muslim. it were the yazidis who did the stoning. as a revenge muslim men went to this yazidi village the week after this happened and randomly shot 9 men.
2011-01-17 02:11:45

for jeriko
um there is no reason to bring in the jewish religion into this, she was hurt because she choose to not believe in the muslim religion. Religion in a person choice and your a fucking asshole for trying to blame the jews for it.
2011-01-14 20:33:55

actually it was not an act of stoning .
they use stone of certain size.
have you seen stone here except one brick?) you stupid jewish dick suckers even put singing from hole book to make people disgust , but they dont. Neverthless they still hate you,,..jews )
2011-01-14 18:27:07

fucked up countrys bomb the fucking lot of you religion sucks !!!!!!!!!!!
2011-01-14 03:53:36

dude i mean the guy put this dont even
talk about uae. uae is the best country in
the world. search dubai in youtube
2011-01-06 02:40:20

nice if you doing gulty and getting
2011-01-05 21:45:18

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