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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Brutality → Stoning Iraqi girl to death

Iraqi girl was stoned to death for being yazeedi (not muslim). She escaped with a muslim man and when her family caught her they did that.

Video: Download "stoning_iraqi_girl_to_death.wmv"

Stoning, or lapidation, refers to a form of capital punishment execution method carried out by an organized group throwing stones or rocks at the person they mean to execute. It is a common punishment for adultery in Islamic countries such as Afghanistan, Nigeria, Iran, Pakistan, Sudan, Saudi-Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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this info is wrong. the girl was born in a yazedi family but wanted to marry a guy who was muslim. it were the yazidis who did the stoning. as a revenge muslim men went to this yazidi village the week after this happened and randomly shot 9 men.
2011-01-17 02:11:45

for jeriko
um there is no reason to bring in the jewish religion into this, she was hurt because she choose to not believe in the muslim religion. Religion in a person choice and your a fucking asshole for trying to blame the jews for it.
2011-01-14 20:33:55

actually it was not an act of stoning .
they use stone of certain size.
have you seen stone here except one brick?) you stupid jewish dick suckers even put singing from hole book to make people disgust , but they dont. Neverthless they still hate you,,..jews )
2011-01-14 18:27:07

fucked up countrys bomb the fucking lot of you religion sucks !!!!!!!!!!!
2011-01-14 03:53:36

dude i mean the guy put this dont even
talk about uae. uae is the best country in
the world. search dubai in youtube
2011-01-06 02:40:20

nice if you doing gulty and getting
2011-01-05 21:45:18

AND THIS IS A RELIGION OF PEACE? FUCK YOU IT IS...any religion that forces it on you like that is bullshit
2011-01-05 06:30:27

Bob Lott
This is totally "uncalled for", barbarous, inhumane - and especially when it is done to someon who simply does not "believe" the way of others, in regards to Religion (especially), but in regards to ANY act of individualism or non-conformity...
2011-01-04 07:04:49

Muslim's Go To Hell and stay there !!!!
2010-12-22 05:53:02

so thats the justise from 2000 year
ago... whatever happened here, its
interesting to see and imagine the
million of circunstances that would
bring her to death... maybe and
injustice, maybe a revenge, maybe she
deserve it, who knows... no one can
actually say nothing without knowing al
the facts... its cruel, yes, its a
crime, i dont know and i donĀ“t care...
2010-12-21 02:06:00

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