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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Brutality → Stoning Iraqi girl to death

Iraqi girl was stoned to death for being yazeedi (not muslim). She escaped with a muslim man and when her family caught her they did that.

Video: Download "stoning_iraqi_girl_to_death.wmv"

Stoning, or lapidation, refers to a form of capital punishment execution method carried out by an organized group throwing stones or rocks at the person they mean to execute. It is a common punishment for adultery in Islamic countries such as Afghanistan, Nigeria, Iran, Pakistan, Sudan, Saudi-Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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women lover
she shouldnt have stepped out of the kitchen
2010-02-18 06:38:03

Edvin Aronson
Don't you just love religion?
2010-02-15 10:51:42

Hates.. half man half dog
all of u are stupid! please don't take many thing put into your fucking mind! and this is what will happen...moron! just can't see the different between religion and human lifestyle...
2010-02-10 01:50:43

American Pig-Dog
Actually, I think her family stoned her to death for eloping with a Muslim - the family was Yezidi. I think a lot of this behavior is Cultural rather than Religious.
2010-02-10 01:24:12

Wipe out Islam
Screw Muslims...So much for their "Religion of Peace". They treat their females like cattle.

2010-02-09 20:51:29

fuck muslim islam. jesus christ no one
deserves this shit. shame on this site for
2010-02-09 07:22:53

Islam is no religion! It's a global mass psychosis!
2010-02-08 19:40:53

fuck islams
fuck you islaming pricks!
2010-02-08 04:20:47

Jews Conspiracy!!!
Islam is not teach to be like that crap!!! If they are muslims, Islam will never let them go free!!!
...and you should know all behind these, there was lots of Jews Conspiracy!!! and this is one of them..
We don't have to tell you how 'good' a Jew is... look what those shits does toward Palestinian! What the answer you want to give me?..still GOOD Jews? kill a little kid! even a baby! kill pregnant mom? aren't they are terrrorists too?? and you want defending and say Jews are GOOD??? Fuck off!!! Give me break but don't give me shits!!
2010-02-06 18:51:39

burn in hell u fooollllzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!
islam are not like !!!!!!!!!
thoz peep are bastred!!
2010-02-05 20:34:53

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