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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Brutality → Stoning Iraqi girl to death

Iraqi girl was stoned to death for being yazeedi (not muslim). She escaped with a muslim man and when her family caught her they did that.

Video: Download "stoning_iraqi_girl_to_death.wmv"

Stoning, or lapidation, refers to a form of capital punishment execution method carried out by an organized group throwing stones or rocks at the person they mean to execute. It is a common punishment for adultery in Islamic countries such as Afghanistan, Nigeria, Iran, Pakistan, Sudan, Saudi-Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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just kill people like that shit..skitlz the piggy and the world will be better place for us! 100% guarantee!
2009-11-11 15:57:14

the less amount of muslim bastards the better i'd say lol
2009-11-07 14:07:11

thank god for peace keeper
this shit is fucked up...
2009-10-30 17:05:15

wha the..?
and one last thing, US army is just full of Faggots. Been there, done it. when figured out too much, got kicked out with a warning. All we did In ME (Middle East) was to go and fuck people up for nothing, but Oil. Because we're Americans, fucking stupid people who follow the news and believe in every fucking word they say... that's why i joined the Army and figured i was in the wrong, and lost 7 good friends... fucking bastards...
2009-10-29 05:31:05

wha the..?
i agree with Peacekeeper, Islam Does not say go around and kill people cos they said "ALAH IS BAD". infact, islam says no one is allowed to hurt anyone , no matter what, thats what justice and law court is for!
What these guys have done is not Islam, its inhumane, its a fucking a crime, and all those guys deserve to have their testicles cut off in front of their kids , a lesson to be taught to all those religious/non religious(Islam , Budah, Christian,s whatever the fuck they are), that do not kill someone and put it under the Lords/Gods/Allah's name all. Religion was made to stop Crime, not invent, and the people who Do Crimes, are not to be considered religious. now if any of you fucking retards had a brain, they would've gone and done some research on religion before accusations. and One more thing, Do not all people by their Religion, because there are good and bad between all. and these guys are only 2% of them.
2009-10-29 05:29:12

I am an iranian(Persian - incase you fuckheads dont know whats what)
70% of the Iranian Population believe in inslam, and yet one of its main Rules is NOT TO HURT ANY ONE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! and look at you fucking fuck heads !! you stoned the poor girl to death! taking her skirt off! if anyof you Fucking Iraqi cunts who did that to the poor girl, come to my country, im going to Cut the dicks of every single one of yous and feed it to ur fucking wifes! and kids! This is not what islam says you fucking cunts! what SA did to you , i thought was wrong, after seeing what you did to that girl, now i say you deserve it
2009-10-29 05:18:44

non siete degni di vivere io odio gli islamici li voglio tutti morti
2009-10-27 14:13:01

siete davvero un popolo inutile... una bomba atomica sulle vostre case servirebbe a lavar via la vostra ignoranza
2009-10-27 14:12:05

Crazy World
This is one of the moslems behavior that make the world hates toward moslems! just look at the comments below, BTW Islam do not teach that way...
2009-10-26 04:07:37

Check for a video of a Muslim fighting men face to face with courage...Can't find one right? All muslims are notorious cowards who need to be exterminated so the world can finally move forward in peace
2009-10-26 00:01:18

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