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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Brutality → Stoning Iraqi girl to death

Iraqi girl was stoned to death for being yazeedi (not muslim). She escaped with a muslim man and when her family caught her they did that.

Video: Download "stoning_iraqi_girl_to_death.wmv"

Stoning, or lapidation, refers to a form of capital punishment execution method carried out by an organized group throwing stones or rocks at the person they mean to execute. It is a common punishment for adultery in Islamic countries such as Afghanistan, Nigeria, Iran, Pakistan, Sudan, Saudi-Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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thats fuckin sick !
2009-09-09 22:08:51

do those who can not be a Muslim because Islam 1 a fly to kill is a crime .I like Muslims, and in my country such things do not, do those who trouble allah give you, and it is Islam decry use for people who would condemn, Americas and Europe how the brutality of living, in irag American soldiers what doing should not forget, I condemn those who do
ı fuck all the killers and watch when she dead
ı fuck your hand your Stoning and your asshole
2009-09-07 00:56:14

riley :D
this is funny
2009-09-02 21:46:42

I wish i could go back to iraq to kill more of the fuckers..
2009-08-30 23:48:44

Chill, Wankboy is just trolling...
2009-08-29 12:49:11

Wankboy you sick fuck! Go fuck yourself! And whoever believes that what happened to that poor girl in a humorous matter, I will personally go over to your houses and slice you by the throat!
2009-08-29 07:01:52

Duy Yoong
Kill all who manipulated the story and who shitting us!
2009-08-26 03:09:25

i watched it in cnn (youtube actually). they said it's not iraq. but palestine and israel. the girl is israeli and her boyfriend is palestine.
and i also heard that the stoning stone cannot be larger than our fist. not sure if it's real or not but i can see this site is being biased.
2009-08-21 09:33:28


2009-08-19 21:07:25

stoning it's an islamic rules and for still they do in 21 century. arab in maka and madina they do it for punisher taht time they don't know how to make jail or even nosse for hanging they are wild sick peoplethat's why the allah is so much bloody as hell.
2009-08-18 23:14:33

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