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Monday, July 2, 2007

Medical → Male genitals' self-mutilation

Apparently this man put a plastic ring on his penis for a long time to make it harder and bigger. As a result, this person was underwent penis amputation surgery for his penile necrosis.

Genital self-mutilation is usually believed to be rare and to be predominantly practiced by men. Castration occupies a central place in psychoanalytical theory, which suggests various symbols for the supposedly diverse fantasy of castration.

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shit... that sucks...

not to insult.. but not a very intelligent idea... :(
2009-03-06 22:47:15

Omg! What a dumbass!
2009-02-26 16:34:27

Это пиздец!
2009-02-18 22:32:53

Eww that's so nasty. Why would someone do that to them self.
2009-02-17 18:55:45

bigger is not always better! too bad he couldn't figure that out before he put the ring on. tough luck buddy!!
2009-02-10 05:29:57

I would like to know stephanie. you are good woman, not like others in this fucking s'h'ite. add me

2009-02-06 09:22:25

Stephanie...I like your comment. I would like to see more of your comments on here.

I saw a child (1 yr. old) who was in danger of losing his penis. His dumbass mother put a rubber band around it to keep him from pissing in his pants. She would take it off and let him piss a few times a day. Prolonged blockage of blood flow caused the tissue to necrose but the reason she brought him in was for a high fever which was brought on by a urinary tract infection. The baby was taken from her by the state and placed in foster care. I do not know what happened after that.
2009-02-03 21:27:54

:0 ...............
2009-01-30 17:41:55

the doctor
i am the doctor
2009-01-29 22:15:26

not nice haha
I'd rather cut my fucking head off
2009-01-29 18:42:21

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