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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Brutality → Human shadow on stone steps after A-bombing of Hiroshima (08/06/1945)

The photograph shows the stone steps of the main entrance of Sumitomo Bank in Hiroshima which was only 250 meters from the hypocenter of the atomic explosure on 08/06/1945. It is believed that a person sat down on the steps facing the direction of the hypocenter, possibly waiting for the bank to open. By a flash of the heat rays with temperatures well over a 1,000 degrees or possibly 2,000 degrees centigrade, that person was incineratied on the stone steps. Up to about 10 years after the explosion, the shadow remained clearly on the stones, but exposure to rain and wind has been gradually blurring it. So, when the bank was newly built, the stone steps were removed and are now preserved at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. You can also see the beautiful computer reconstruction of this atomic explosure made by BBC (UK).

Video: Download "hiroshima_human_shadow.wmv"

Was the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki a war crime? Of course, it's not. It was a war. To stop WWII immediately by killing thousands of people maybe was not a good idea. But you should know that only China's losses in the WWII were approximately 20 million killed by Japanese soldiers! Who could stop it? God bless America!

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Possibly fake - no one could get that close to photograph it except if they wait for the area to be no longer contaminated. I know this can happen, but like I said before, these photos look like they were from the 40s and if so, the film would have been ruined from radiation. nice try though.
2009-07-12 22:28:34

As an American Im not glad we used the bomb but I take into account that the Japanese at the time were arguably more dangerous and brutal than the Nazis we barely defeated.
2009-07-08 23:38:31

I agree with you 'Not impressed'. That idiot obviously doesn't nderstand what the effects of nuclear war will be and what radiation does to you. Fool.
2009-06-24 21:37:15

It worked...
To Laudanum (below). I agree with what you the end though, it bloody worked, didn't it? Same thing should be done to any other country that wants to attck the West. Bomb it, no questions asked and that will be the end of it.
2009-06-19 02:37:26

Billy Bob
I learned about this yesterday, on 05/26/09.
2009-05-28 02:30:46

not impressed
Fallout 3 when it does happen. i hope you are a survivor. so that you contract a large dose of radiation poisoning and begin to die a most slow and hrrific death. when you go blind, and your skin begins to fall off in huge chunks, and you start pissing and shitting on yourself uncontrolably. I hope you understand that this was what you wanted. fucking clown.
2009-05-26 09:50:56

It was purportedly a calculated action aimed at preventing the loss of many more Americam soldiers if he war in the pacific continued.

But we are talking about indescriminate annihilation of civilians. It was a big and tragic mistake.

The only good thing that might possibly have come out of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings is that it set a precedent of fear which one can only hope will prevent it from it happening again.
2009-04-28 19:07:09

Fallout 3
I can't freakin wait till american and every other
country begin a mass nuclear war.
2009-04-20 01:50:07

..... what do you expect? War and killing is America's answer to everything, fucking ignorant nation
2009-04-10 22:19:36

but america didn't have to do what they did they could of done something else they didn't have to kill so many pople!
2009-03-23 14:41:33

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