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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Brutality → Human shadow on stone steps after A-bombing of Hiroshima (08/06/1945)

The photograph shows the stone steps of the main entrance of Sumitomo Bank in Hiroshima which was only 250 meters from the hypocenter of the atomic explosure on 08/06/1945. It is believed that a person sat down on the steps facing the direction of the hypocenter, possibly waiting for the bank to open. By a flash of the heat rays with temperatures well over a 1,000 degrees or possibly 2,000 degrees centigrade, that person was incineratied on the stone steps. Up to about 10 years after the explosion, the shadow remained clearly on the stones, but exposure to rain and wind has been gradually blurring it. So, when the bank was newly built, the stone steps were removed and are now preserved at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. You can also see the beautiful computer reconstruction of this atomic explosure made by BBC (UK).

Video: Download "hiroshima_human_shadow.wmv"

Was the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki a war crime? Of course, it's not. It was a war. To stop WWII immediately by killing thousands of people maybe was not a good idea. But you should know that only China's losses in the WWII were approximately 20 million killed by Japanese soldiers! Who could stop it? God bless America!

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they could have done the same but america beat by days
2010-12-02 12:32:45

Johnny English
The japanese were barbaric,brutalising and enslaving pows, determined to die before surrender, it took something of the magnitude of the a bombs to make them surrender, psycho people need psycho actions to impress on em.
Thankfully , no more have been dropped in anger,hopefuly they will never (unless its on the fuckin talliban assholes),then , good call.
2010-10-01 00:38:28

Cuz we're the only country with the balls to use 'em!
2010-08-21 00:11:23

if the USA lost the war harry truman actually being like hitler
2010-07-24 09:00:18

Rogue USA
The USA government and citizens are always preaching about rogue countries that may use weapons of mass destriction like the A Bomb H Bombs and yet the United States of America is the only one useing them.
2010-07-14 12:13:27

where did they go?
2010-07-08 11:08:30

"America has the least deaths then other
countries, so fuck u!"
Least deaths?
2010-05-27 21:40:48

Fuck the japs
Look at some of unit 731's experiments
then try and feel pity for these soulless
2010-05-04 06:46:02

Shove it up your ass! Whatever America
chooses to do i'm w/ them all the way.
America has the least deaths then other
countries, so fuck u!
2010-04-27 14:44:16

I've heard that Japan had already surrendered before the second bomb!
2010-04-26 22:50:51

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