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Friday, August 17, 2007

Medical → Autopsy in Russian Morgue (video)

An autopsy, also known as a post-mortem examination, necropsy, or obduction, is a medical procedure that consists of a thorough examination of a corpse to determine the cause and manner of death and to evaluate any disease or injury that may be present. It is usually performed by a specialized medical doctor called a pathologist.

Video: Download "autopsy_st_petersburg_russia.wmv"

Autopsies are either performed for legal or medical purposes. A forensic autopsy is carried out when the cause of death may be a criminal matter, while a clinical or academic autopsy is performed to find the medical cause of death and is used in cases of unknown or uncertain death, or for research purposes.

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very educational.
2009-03-05 14:28:46

Западная Сибирь
Видели уже.))
2009-02-05 19:32:23

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