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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Executions → Nazis at work - hanged young woman (U.S.S.R.; 1943) (Set 5)

This is a pathetic photo image of the young woman (who was an elementary school teacher) who was hanged by the Nazis on the beheaded Lenin's monument.

The reasons for executing young girls in public were several fold. They were viewed as terrorists by the Germans (which in a sense they were), the hangings served as a grim example to the local population - if the Germans would hang a teenage girl then they would hang any adult, and finally that the executions provided a morbid entertainment for the soldiers. Lots of men were hanged too and many men and women were shot. But hanging was always preferred for young girls for the reasons above. Many of these young people met their deaths with amazing courage. They were very brave anyway to do the things they did against the Nazis. Many of them also demonstrated a strong streak of defiance - they were not going to let the hated enemy soldiers see them cry or break down. Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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FAKE! russian propaganda.
2009-07-14 22:05:55

Too creative to be true. Link your source.
2009-07-14 19:03:10

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2009-07-14 06:57:39

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2009-05-12 10:53:17

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2009-04-27 03:59:51

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2009-04-12 21:33:16

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2009-03-30 07:33:11

...unless fakrs r real good; is real...least th bastards upt th knot where sh dnt do the funky chicken too long...if u ask me
2009-03-23 06:41:42

God grew tired of us.
2009-03-22 09:55:31

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