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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

ExecutionsBeheading → Extremism in Russian Federation (SHOCK VIDEO!)

Online video by Russian extremists shows apparent execution (beheading and shooting) of two men (who were apparently from Tajikistan and Dagestan).

Video: Download "russia_nazism_extremism.wmv"

The links to this video were put on by an anonymous Russian nationalist with a nickname Anti-Gipsy on 08/12/2007 according to the official information from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Initially this video was posted on and but was removed subsequently from those sites. There is a question, is that video authentic? Apparently yes, but there are some questions regarding to authenticity of some recorded aspects like the Russian proclamations before each execution (which apparently were overlaid on the original file). There is also a possibility that Chechen separatists killed those men (beheading is a common execution done by Muslim terrorists) to destabilize the strained political situation in Russia as well. We are going to track all the information from the Russian mass media web sites regarding to this horrible video.

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bastards of bodom
these retards cant behead for shit, that knife was dull as hell
2009-08-25 02:49:09

Why are Arkona being used in this video with their song Rus? Masha has stated MANY MANY times over that Arkona are NOT racially lyrical and that their lyrics are purely Russian/Ukrainian history and mythology, not racism and hatred.
2009-08-24 03:00:40

take your fucking svatika and put it deeply in your ass,
stupid russians
2009-08-23 23:42:40

COsprings, dumbass, nazis come in all shapes and colours. Hitler's Nazi regime was just the best known one, and it popularized the use of some symbols, like the swastica.
2009-08-19 15:09:41

Anti Nazi
these fucking motherfuckers aren't human the justify their genocides by god but it's not making any sences these motherfuckers should burn in hell
fuck I'm ashame those motherfuckers are same spieces with me
2009-08-19 02:49:23

Russian Nazis? That's as brilliant and well thought out as black KKK members. What a pack of idiots. In true Nazi thoughts / beliefs, Slavic people where subhuman. Do your fucking homework.
2009-08-18 10:29:31

hey magna, fuck you
2009-08-10 04:40:09

this aint bad at all I have seen worse but I must say the first guy got OWNED HAHAHA
2009-08-06 23:33:06

Hmm this does not seem to scave me like it it does everyone else I have seen watch this...Just a man dieing Sad to see a life go...but not grosum...The saw films make me flintch more than this...So i will just finish it with, WORST SNUFF FILM EVAR
2009-07-31 20:11:50

at least hitler showed his face
2009-07-31 01:08:09

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