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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

ExecutionsBeheading → Extremism in Russian Federation (SHOCK VIDEO!)

Online video by Russian extremists shows apparent execution (beheading and shooting) of two men (who were apparently from Tajikistan and Dagestan).

Video: Download "russia_nazism_extremism.wmv"

The links to this video were put on by an anonymous Russian nationalist with a nickname Anti-Gipsy on 08/12/2007 according to the official information from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Initially this video was posted on and but was removed subsequently from those sites. There is a question, is that video authentic? Apparently yes, but there are some questions regarding to authenticity of some recorded aspects like the Russian proclamations before each execution (which apparently were overlaid on the original file). There is also a possibility that Chechen separatists killed those men (beheading is a common execution done by Muslim terrorists) to destabilize the strained political situation in Russia as well. We are going to track all the information from the Russian mass media web sites regarding to this horrible video.

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Nazi 14/88
Sieg Heil! 14/88
2009-07-04 05:03:34

Sieg Heil! lol
2009-07-01 22:30:16

NAzi HATE russian . SO HOW RUSSian HAVE NAZI FLAG WHAT THEy Stupid ; How THEy can support who hate THem.
2009-07-01 12:39:55

perche lo avete ucciso che cosa ha ftto?? oddio mioooooooo fermatevi per l amor di dio..
2009-06-29 04:43:56

cos ha fatto quel ragazzo perche gli han fatto questo??che vi ha fatto??
2009-06-29 04:37:09

cosa hai fatto ti senti uomo adesso??non lo sei!!nemmeno un po!
2009-06-29 04:26:10

2009-06-29 04:21:31

Pissed off Englishman
Chechens deserve everything they get. What those fuckers do to Russian captives is fucking disgusting. Given half a chance, I'D behead one of those dirty Chechen dogs too.
2009-06-24 00:08:33

They are just as cowardly as their Moslem counter parts. Tie up an unarmed person and then murder them. At least the Moslems use a sharp knife. One day these retarded bastards will be in hell with Hitler.
2009-06-23 01:11:56

you suck at cutting off heads.practice on your momma
2009-06-22 05:58:44

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