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Monday, August 20, 2007

Suicide → UK man commits suicide on webcam

Kevin Whitrick, 42, took his life after being goaded by dozens of chatroom users from across the world who initially believed he was play acting. But as they watched in horror, Mr Whitrick climbed onto a chair, smashed through a ceiling and then hanged himself with a piece of rope. Stunned by what they had witnessed - broadcast on a popular chatroom website used by millions of people across the globe - chatroom users immediately contacted the police. Officers rushed to the electrician's home in the Wellington area of Shropshire within minutes, smashing down the door to try to save him. Despite their efforts to save him, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

An Internet suicide pact (cybersuicide pact) is a suicide pact made between individuals who meet on the Internet. Although the majority of such Internet-related suicide pacts have occurred in Japan, similar incidents have also been reported from other countries including Hong Kong, South Korea, Germany, Australia, Norway, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, and Sweden.

Wiki Article: Internet suicide

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2009-03-05 20:23:32

Call the police itsn ot funny omg
2009-03-02 15:04:42

Selfish cunt.. they have to live with that the rest of there lives. truely haunting. this is why i stopped insulting people on the net.. shit really hits home and people do DO these things. was a laughing matter.. not anymore.
2009-02-26 22:01:03

okay, the dude is 42, and he's making a cybersuicide pact???? don't kids do that as they want to fit in or belong or some garbage like that. he's flamin' insane!!
2009-02-20 05:37:34

what site is this on
2009-02-17 20:20:25

Very sick indeed.
2009-02-14 20:00:24

He was an hero.
Is that you?
2009-02-04 00:05:45

He was an hero.
2009-01-31 09:49:59

ano hito wa Baka
2009-01-18 04:50:16

Hope hes insured
2009-01-11 21:17:54

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