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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Accident → Shark Attack (09/03/2001; North Carolina)

22-year-old Natalia Slobodskaya and her fiance, 28-year-old Sergei Zaloukaev were attacked by a bull shark in waters off Cape Hatteras (Avon, North Carolina ) on 09/03/2001.

Sergei was in full cardiac arrest by the time the ambulance crew reached him on the beach. He was taken to a small medical center in Avon, where he was pronounced dead. A medical examiner later listed the cause of death as "loss of blood due to multiple shark bites." Natalia had lost her left foot at the ankle and most of her right buttock.

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Furthermore, take a solemn look at Charon's boat as it travels down the River Styx. Styx is the river of detestation - the River of Hate. Since we are all in Charon's boat, let us throw the hate mail overboard and show compassion and speak healing words toward Natlaia Slobonskaya! The woman has suffered enough tragedy and grief!!! Let kindness rule our words! Let kindess rule our world!
2012-10-18 02:14:21

Most all of you people that took the time to leave comments were thoughtless and rude and totally insensitive to Natalia Slobonskaya's tragic losses. Damn. She was seriously injured. She lost a loved one and someone wants to make a stoopid comment about sex? What are you people thinking??? Care on...
2012-10-18 02:00:27

Dear "umm": You IDIOT!!! You are an ASSHOLE! I was in Avon when that shark attack happened and it was serious business. SHAME ON YOU!!!
2012-10-18 01:32:52

poor bitch will not have a nice ass now losing "most of her right buttock"lol Lets hope her butthole wasnt ruined for future fun:)
2012-07-16 17:34:37

I agree with mister ???
2012-05-08 14:47:51

Poor couple
2012-02-23 01:59:22

You swim in their territory and that's what you get! Don't blaim animals, they don't hurt the planet scum humans do, we are the fucked up spieces.
2011-10-01 18:49:33

so unfortunaly....,,
2011-09-15 16:23:45

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