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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Accident → Shark Attack (woman died)

This unknown woman was attacked by a great white shark in Australia.

Unfortunately, this woman died of severe bleeding before emergency assistance arrives. "The victim lost all of her blood volume before reaching shore, a phenomenon which accounts for the lack of "gore" in the photographs shown above and has led some viewers to believe the images were manipulated or depicted some type of mannequin."

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ZBqqTo I almost accidentally visited to this site, but stayed here for a long time. Stayed because everything was very interesting. Surely will share with all my friends!...
2011-09-30 11:08:54

Flesh looks like styrofoam
2011-09-06 04:23:13

doesn't look large enough for a Great White, perhaps a Tigershark or a juvinile Great White...
But these are the classical shark bitemarks allright..
2011-08-08 19:49:44

Shark Diver
Hai You is a stupid moron and doesn't see the big picture. The shark probably mistook the victim for a seal (black wet suit in murky water)which is a tragedy. However more people die each year from lighting strikes each year than from sharks.
I have personally dove with large tiger sharks with a lot of bait n the water and I actually found them to be timid around divers.
2011-06-25 22:58:34

Kill all Sharks until they are extinct, Sharks have no purpose!
2011-04-21 00:04:31


The megalodon is extinct, and there'd be nothing left of this woman if it attacked her. It'd just be like, "*gulp* What was that? Oh look, a WHALE! NOM NOM NOM"
2011-02-11 08:04:35

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2010-11-01 04:27:18

Hey Erin...did David wear a one piece swimsuit under his wetsuit?
And for you are a grandmother fucking arse eating faggot for thinking this is a joke. I bet you rape children at the cancer clinic you fucken piece of rotten goose shit.
2010-09-18 05:25:18

Ich ich sprecen dis shiza joken!
2010-09-05 22:05:26

Any one heard of the megolodon its HUGE
2010-09-05 22:03:35

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