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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Accident → Shark Attack (woman died)

This unknown woman was attacked by a great white shark in Australia.

Unfortunately, this woman died of severe bleeding before emergency assistance arrives. "The victim lost all of her blood volume before reaching shore, a phenomenon which accounts for the lack of "gore" in the photographs shown above and has led some viewers to believe the images were manipulated or depicted some type of mannequin."

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this was a surfer..
2009-06-19 18:55:19
cavolo impressionante! ma quella รจ casa loro!deve ritenersi fortunato chi ne esce vivo!
2009-06-18 13:18:05

eeewww im tiffany and im afraid to go swimming at the beach cause of that guy dead.......
2009-06-06 22:57:49

this bitch got fucked up
2009-05-30 18:57:42

las imajenes son lo+ estan re bueno
2009-05-28 00:30:25

um that is a male dumb asses......look at snopes
2009-05-18 15:40:23

Now THAT'S ASS EATING!!! lmfao
2009-04-24 05:00:02

so, do you like fish? well, it likes you too...
2009-04-06 13:25:19

Justice will have to wait
We really should not venture into the deep, there are horrors down there that can end you quickly. Sorry for the woman surfer.
2009-03-25 00:24:28

Fur is Murder
Right in the ass.
2009-03-20 06:58:31

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