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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Crime → The Holocaust

The Holocaust is the term generally used to describe the killing of approximately six million European Jews during World War II, as part of a program of deliberate extermination planned and executed by the National Socialist regime in Germany led by Adolf Hitler. Please look at those black and white images. It is the reality.

How many Jewish victims were killed by Nazi? It is quite difficult to estimate it precisely. Yisrael Gutman and Robert Rozett estimate between 5.59 and 5.86 million Jewish victims in the Encyclopaedia of the Holocaust (1990). There were about 8 to 10 million Jews in the territories controlled directly or indirectly by the Nazis (the uncertainty arises from the lack of knowledge about how many Jews there were in the Soviet Union). The 6 million killed in the Holocaust thus represent 60 to 75 percent of these Jews. Of Poland's 3.3 million Jews, over 90 percent were killed. The same proportion were killed in Latvia and Lithuania, but most of Estonia's Jews were evacuated in time. In Czechoslovakia, Greece, the Netherlands and Yugoslavia, over 70 percent were killed. More than 50 percent were killed in Belgium, Hungary and Romania. It is likely that a similar proportion were killed in Belarus and Ukraine, but these figures are less certain. Countries with notably lower proportions of deaths include Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Italy and Norway. Finally, of the 750,000 Jews in Germany and Austria in 1933, only about a quarter survived. Although many German Jews emigrated before 1939, the majority of these fled to Czechoslovakia, France or the Netherlands, from where they were later deported to their deaths.

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kike nose
"The Holocaust" is fake!
jews control the Banks, Media, History & Hollywood movies!
2012-03-15 17:31:35

La historia la escriben los vencedores
"6000000 de judios muertos en el holocausto"
hiroshima y Nagasaki cuantos eran?
2012-03-02 04:13:39

clear and your mother too jerome
2012-03-01 23:29:50

hmmm, last I saw Hitler, he was a box of bones in a not too clean Russian museum, perhaps you nazi's should join him....
2012-03-01 07:41:38

bah estos judíos no se cansan en verdad
de hacer propaganda a su supuesto sufrimiento
si los criticas te tachan inmediatamente de
nazi o antisemita.
sin embargo yo pienso que lo que hoy hacen
Con el pueblo palestino es muestra de lo que
le tienen reservado al resto del mundo.
pues ellos son los máximos especuladores y
dueños de las bolsas del mundo
quien a final de cuentas resulto mas nazi que los
2012-02-29 00:58:43

I am not a neo nazi
I think it is evil to kill women and children no matter what country they are from and i have met a few jewish ppl and arab ppl and persian ppl all the sons and daughters of Abraham or ibrahim how ever you prefer and ive noticed they are all hospitable and friendly ppl and i think there women are very attractive i wish there was peace respect and love in the whole of the middle east for every one Israelis to.It is a shame it woul be an interestin place to visit.
2012-02-21 07:38:51

26 million was a good start, if we
didn't kill humans, think how many
billions would be on the planet now. 15
20 billion ? disease, war, genocide !
and out virus population is still

ffs Stop having babies
2012-02-13 07:42:33

vuelvo a repetir el holocausto judio es una exageracion promovida por el sionismo
2012-02-10 04:32:55

los herederos de una nacion sin territorio pero con una gran unidad de sangre nuestra fuerza moral intelectual y religiosa por eso debemos gobernar Los destinos del mundo. como decia Martin Lutero la culpa es nuestra por no masacrarlos
2012-02-10 04:26:35

respect i just think it is strange that the media and the brain washed masses are told to feel sorry for one group of ppl whilst ignoring the megadeaths of unother group of ppl now if thats being dissrespecfull then so be it and good luck in your idf
2012-02-01 09:34:49

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