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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Crime → The Holocaust

The Holocaust is the term generally used to describe the killing of approximately six million European Jews during World War II, as part of a program of deliberate extermination planned and executed by the National Socialist regime in Germany led by Adolf Hitler. Please look at those black and white images. It is the reality.

How many Jewish victims were killed by Nazi? It is quite difficult to estimate it precisely. Yisrael Gutman and Robert Rozett estimate between 5.59 and 5.86 million Jewish victims in the Encyclopaedia of the Holocaust (1990). There were about 8 to 10 million Jews in the territories controlled directly or indirectly by the Nazis (the uncertainty arises from the lack of knowledge about how many Jews there were in the Soviet Union). The 6 million killed in the Holocaust thus represent 60 to 75 percent of these Jews. Of Poland's 3.3 million Jews, over 90 percent were killed. The same proportion were killed in Latvia and Lithuania, but most of Estonia's Jews were evacuated in time. In Czechoslovakia, Greece, the Netherlands and Yugoslavia, over 70 percent were killed. More than 50 percent were killed in Belgium, Hungary and Romania. It is likely that a similar proportion were killed in Belarus and Ukraine, but these figures are less certain. Countries with notably lower proportions of deaths include Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Italy and Norway. Finally, of the 750,000 Jews in Germany and Austria in 1933, only about a quarter survived. Although many German Jews emigrated before 1939, the majority of these fled to Czechoslovakia, France or the Netherlands, from where they were later deported to their deaths.

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Mea (Capt. Evidence)
sure, twas smart of the Danish to have smuggled their Jews away in boats.
But before accusing the Polish of not doing the same, try to compare the outlet to the sea of Denmark and Poland first.
Not even mentioning the relative size of the countries and the number of Jews living there.
2011-02-27 13:52:55

all you hateing people suck and must be gay
2011-01-25 12:31:34

A. Hitler
2011-01-24 12:31:31

@ hellfuhrer
Eat shit
2011-01-20 14:52:41

6000000 didn't die, that is a lie so Jews can make money of gentiles. Think about it you always here about the magic 6000000 but hardly every about the over 100000000 Russians that died because of communism. Or the huge number of Asians that died because of communism. The number of Jews that died is probably 300000, 2000000 tops. It is still an atrocity that so many Jews had to die, but it is sick hollywood Jews over exaggerate the story and make money off it. It is an insult to everyone who died.
2011-01-19 22:05:35

Jeriko go to school
Read a book you stupid fagot it's a proven fact.
Maybe you and hour family should go back to
school instead of butt fucking eachother in that
drun down trailer you call a home. Some one
should beat the shit out of you or better yet. They
should put your dick sucking mouth on a crib a
step on your head.
2011-01-19 10:01:02

Really seem to be cold on picture nine. Pity they had thick hair between their legs and none on their backs!!!!!
2011-01-18 09:52:26

Yes a holocaust it was....But what anonymou death would they all have met had not the Germans been there ??
2011-01-18 09:40:45

bullshit is your holocaust )
2011-01-14 17:56:15

Thanks to this wonderful Nazi germans. They were animals!. They are deserved that!. And you are deserve this. I will not regret that!. Cos I know you. you are animals. Do you know why Nazi germans defeated? Cos they are was temporary punishers. God will not mercy animals!. Human is the most precious thing on the earth!. There is nothing is precious than a human!!!. Who will against the beautiful human. That animal must be killed like this!.
2011-01-11 05:21:57

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