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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Crime → The Holocaust

The Holocaust is the term generally used to describe the killing of approximately six million European Jews during World War II, as part of a program of deliberate extermination planned and executed by the National Socialist regime in Germany led by Adolf Hitler. Please look at those black and white images. It is the reality.

How many Jewish victims were killed by Nazi? It is quite difficult to estimate it precisely. Yisrael Gutman and Robert Rozett estimate between 5.59 and 5.86 million Jewish victims in the Encyclopaedia of the Holocaust (1990). There were about 8 to 10 million Jews in the territories controlled directly or indirectly by the Nazis (the uncertainty arises from the lack of knowledge about how many Jews there were in the Soviet Union). The 6 million killed in the Holocaust thus represent 60 to 75 percent of these Jews. Of Poland's 3.3 million Jews, over 90 percent were killed. The same proportion were killed in Latvia and Lithuania, but most of Estonia's Jews were evacuated in time. In Czechoslovakia, Greece, the Netherlands and Yugoslavia, over 70 percent were killed. More than 50 percent were killed in Belgium, Hungary and Romania. It is likely that a similar proportion were killed in Belarus and Ukraine, but these figures are less certain. Countries with notably lower proportions of deaths include Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Italy and Norway. Finally, of the 750,000 Jews in Germany and Austria in 1933, only about a quarter survived. Although many German Jews emigrated before 1939, the majority of these fled to Czechoslovakia, France or the Netherlands, from where they were later deported to their deaths.

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2010-12-30 23:01:19

HEY !! You need to give DENMARK THEIR
PROPS. They were able to save 95% of
their jews. Unlike the POLACKS they
didn't happily hand them all over; they
moved the from house to house and also
smuggled them away in boats !!
2010-11-20 14:18:24

kill all soviet union
2010-11-18 11:51:25

nazi's raus
GOOOO HITLER!!!!!!!!!!!!
2010-11-11 02:50:51

the holocaust is a lie, germans killed 200 thousand at best
2010-11-03 16:43:16

humanity's reverence for their gods is often time more destructive then the devils they so despise
2010-10-16 17:28:52


I agree with you so much. Nobody pisses and moans as much as the blacks. It is no wonder people look down on them. They do it to themselves. What a shame. Some of their women are really HOT.
2010-10-02 20:16:35

So tell me me how does this work, Adolf Eichmann (if you don't know who it is look him up) admitted The Holocaust is real and these people jews, gypsies etc...were indeed murdered,(methodicly by the way which is why people go over the top because of it, the russians were not pushed into gas chambers etc, they were no killed because of their race) and yet...the holocaust is a lie...even thou Eichmann-dubbed "the architect of the Holocaust" admits it real and true and guilty,why call him a lier?

btw, jews bitch a whole lot less the black people...(just a point, I have nothing aginst black people)

I think it's a fitting quote:
-satans greatest trick was convinsing the world he did'nt exist-
2010-09-02 18:42:03

the roman empire, spanish inquisition, the nazis, mao zedong, imperial japan, and many many more periods in history in which genocide was the reality of the present...we are supposed to hate every single culture on earth because humans are murderers
2010-09-02 04:09:50

Kill every nazy you see.
2010-08-28 08:47:41

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