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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Medical → Filipino child is suffering from rabies

This poor Filipino child is dying of rabies.

Video: Download "child_with_rabies.wmv"

Rabies is a disease which may get from being bitten by an animal infected with the rabies virus. Rabies causes acute encephalitis (inflammation of the brain). Rabies in human has been regarded as uniformly fatal when associated with the hydrophobia symptoms (a pathological fear of drinking fluids because of painful spasms while swallowing). A common rabies symptom is drooling (like in this case). Raccoons are the most common wild animals infected with rabies in the United States. Skunks, foxes, bats, and coyotes are the other most frequently affected.

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braian bolo
asi murio mi perro :(
2011-08-07 12:24:48

Man you are some shitty people what a bunch of
2011-08-05 13:10:31

Eww its porn
2011-07-27 18:03:57

2011-07-27 18:03:37

i think i have rabies
2011-07-27 18:03:09

Err eww dont download i downloaded it was
2011-07-27 18:02:52

fuck u @ ihoppehedies
2011-07-27 18:02:07

thats what he gets for being in the
2011-07-27 18:01:46

poor lil packy
2011-07-27 18:01:06

Viewing the world
Poor baby his parents isn't watching him
while he is playing around the island :(
2011-07-18 01:55:13

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