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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Medical → Filipino child is suffering from rabies

This poor Filipino child is dying of rabies.

Video: Download "child_with_rabies.wmv"

Rabies is a disease which may get from being bitten by an animal infected with the rabies virus. Rabies causes acute encephalitis (inflammation of the brain). Rabies in human has been regarded as uniformly fatal when associated with the hydrophobia symptoms (a pathological fear of drinking fluids because of painful spasms while swallowing). A common rabies symptom is drooling (like in this case). Raccoons are the most common wild animals infected with rabies in the United States. Skunks, foxes, bats, and coyotes are the other most frequently affected.

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filipino man
i think its dogs bite
2014-01-02 17:38:53

fuck this shit. it's inhumane and dangerous. the gushing saliva needs to be stopped because it's rabies looking for another host. it's a worse death than ebola. put these people out of their misery and burn the bedding with the body.
2013-11-09 02:37:51

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2013-10-18 11:26:44

Recommendation to airline crew many years ago was never to pet stray animals while traveling (especially in the South Americas) Why? Because rabies infected saliva may be on the animals coat and touching the animal and then touching your mouth or an open area of skin is an additional method of infection in addition to a bite you may get from the animal!
2013-10-06 19:51:58

@ Bob: Most likely he is not being treated with better technology because it is not available or affordable. Poor kid. :(
2013-08-23 02:56:44

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2013-08-17 12:30:39

Chased by a raccoon a month ago. Scary!
2013-07-23 08:59:47

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2013-07-13 00:55:55

I don't know why they do not have him heavily sedated. There is no reason that I can think of to let him suffer in this way. A medically induced coma would keep the child from suffering unnecessarily. In fact there is a relatively new way to treat rabies called the Milwaukee Protocols in which the patient is put into a medically induced coma. I would really like to question the doctors treating this little boy. Beyond that, I'd like to ask them if they contracted rabies, how would they wish to be treated? Is this how they would want their child child treated medically, or would they want him to be kept heavily sedated so that he would not have to be awake to experience these horrible symptoms?
2013-06-24 01:14:26

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