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Monday, September 3, 2007

Interesting → Dr. Demikhov's two-headed dog

Chronicle about experiments of Vladimir Demikhov, a Soviet scientist who conducted a revolutionary experiment, when created a two-headed dog by grafting a puppy's head to a full-grown pooch.

Video: Download "demikhov.wmv"

Vladimir Demikhov (1915 - 1998) was a Soviet scientist who was the first to perform intrathoracic transplantation of the heart alone, lung alone, and the heart and lungs in a warm-blooded animal and the first to perform an experimental coronary artery bypass operation with success. He designed the first mechanical cardiac substitute and was one of the first to use the vascular stapling device in experiments. He is also well-known for his transplantation of the heads of dogs. He conducted his dog head transplants during the 1950s. Christiaan Barnard (a South African cardiac surgeon who performed the world's first successful human-to-human heart transplant) visited Demikhov in 1962 and was shown a dog in which they had performed a heterotopic thoracic heart transplantation.

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im pro-human testing
2011-05-23 23:30:24

Fuck all of you anti animal testing. Sure makeup and other crap is just wrong but for things like medicine this is necessary. Every operation helps to understand the circulation system better. If your so against animal testing next time you need to take anesthesia for an operation, or medicine to stop you from dieing we'll see how anti animal testing you really are.
2011-05-14 05:39:03

jerico: loser, you have nothing to do, suck my dick
2011-02-21 21:22:33

I wish they made a dog with to dick that way I
could suck them both
2011-01-20 15:37:44

every university in the world does the same painful experiments over & over again in case someone missed something(an important break-through that can help humans/pet animals)
2010-12-05 06:29:50

they use very friendly animals in experiments(they dont want to get bitten!)I dont understand why they still experiment on animals with toxins/poisons etc that they already KNOW are bad for humans?
2010-12-05 06:26:34

Just barbaric!!!!!!!!!!! Whats the end result???? 2 dead dogs that prior to death have been mauled, dissected and left as freaks!!!!! Disgusting and it still goes on today!!!!!!
2010-10-13 21:38:22

Dr Frankenstein was a Russian fuck.
2010-09-24 16:31:42

what a fcken asshole fck him!
2010-08-17 22:07:14

pure cruelty
2010-07-16 16:25:41

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