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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fake → Nazis at work - hanged woman (U.S.S.R.; 1943) (Set 1)

This is the most pathetic image we have ever seen. It is estimated that more than 4,000 women of various ages were hanged by Nazi forces between 1939 and 1945. Many more were shot or guillotined and many were tortured before minimal or non-existent trials. They could be sentenced to death by People's Courts and executed within prisons, by the commandants of concentration camps or by military commanders in the field and summarily executed, usually in public. Some of these "field" executions were documented and photographed. A lot of the photographs were private snaps taken by individual soldiers and discovered after they had been captured or killed. Hanging was the preferred method for the execution for partisans as it produced more of a public spectacle than shooting and was used to terrorise the local populace as well as entertain the troops.

Defence Minister of the Russian Federation Sergei Ivanov said the Soviet Union had lost 26,600,000 people, including 8,668,000 servicemen during World War II. During the war, 15,205,592 people were wounded, 3,047,675 people were fallen ill and 90,881 people were frostbitten. The minister said a total of 5,597,000 people went missing during the war. A total of 4,559,000 people fell prisoners. "This is the Soviet Union's price that was sacrificed on the Altar of Victory," Ivanov stressed.

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Was a soviet propaganda ploy
2012-02-14 18:00:35

i feel sorry for the little boy
2012-01-12 04:52:54

muma muma wake up muma
2012-01-10 00:28:42

to (nexus99) you are a fucking idiot. if you dont know nothing about world history. shut the fuck up!!!! inbecil ignorat mother fucker>>>
2012-01-01 12:33:38

nexus99: You just proved how low someone can sink!
Telling people holocaust is a lie is nothing but
bran less! You tell people you do not know anything
and you completely lack empathy. There is enough
evidence on this matter to make anyone but complete
brainless idiots not only believing it is true, but
they will know it!
You are a no good useless piece of shit and before
you get the right to speak in public, you should
open up a book some time! So far, you have not!
You're a disgrace to the human race!

Feel free to disappear from the surface of this
planet anytime!
2011-10-03 12:25:10

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anHkbF Yeah, it is clear now !... From the very beginning I did not understand where was the connection with the title !!...
2011-09-29 19:33:46

gertrude snitzel
i love my fatherland, germany and dressing up in a low cut bodice drinking beer and eating bratwurst lol
2011-06-08 19:57:42

wqs123- You're basically saying that
Christians are synonymous with Westboro
Baptist Church, Muslims to Al Qaeda, and
black people to niggers. While the last
one may be true, your argument is invalid.
2011-05-05 17:21:33

Why do you call them Nazis? There is no such country as Naziland. They are fucking Germans from Germany. Get it straight you dumbasses
2011-03-10 20:57:12

Of course, this photo is fake, for when one needs food, he won't make a photosession and mess with ropes.
Yet, mass murders and marauding were common then - much more common that cameras.
(No need to believe me, trolling brats who never visited CIS. Call me a victim of propaganda. I don't care, too)
2011-02-27 13:31:35

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