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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Accident → Crowd crushed 53 people to death in Minsk (Belarus) (05/30/1999)

The tragedy has taken place on May 30, 1999 in Minsk (Republic of Belarus). On that evening more than two thousand mostly young people aged under 18 returned from a beer festival and a concert held in front of the Palace of Sports. A sudden shower caused panic among the crowd. The folks streamed into the near-by subway underpass of "Nyamiha" ("Nemiga") metro station, which resulted in a bloody stampede leaving 54 people, mostly young girls (42 of them were girls at the age of 16-18 years), dead and some 250 injured. According to witnesses, everything ended in 10 minutes. Most of the deaths were caused by asphyxia due to chest compression in the crowd. About a hundred of people were admitted to the hospitals with different traumas. Many victims of this tragedy got their clothes ripped off by the crowd and some of them were discovered almost naked (like this girl who also died of asphyxia in this crowd).

Memorial artist Gennady Buralkin chose to represent this terrible loss of life by sculpting a bouquet of flowers strewn across a set of granite steps. Because 80 percent of the victims were women, Mr. Buralkin chose roses and rosebuds (for female victims younger than 16-years-old) for the bouquet. Tulips were used to represent male victims. One historical fact: On May 18, 1896, four days after the Russian Czar Nicholas II' coronation there was a festival on Khodynka field where the crowd began to push themselves, falling down and crushing between them. It all happened in 15 minutes; there were 1429 dead and thousand of wounded.

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wow, wat dumbasses
2011-06-29 05:21:00

fuck you
2010-09-03 23:54:19

I come from Minsk and had an minor accident the
day before the festival, i stayed home, that day a
close female friend of mine died. It was a very
heavy rain with hail, the doors to the metro station
were closed and many people who ran for shelter
got killed by those outside trying to get in.
2010-07-12 07:46:01

XD I know you can have a crush on people but this is ridiculous.
2010-06-25 16:33:55

those people are fucking retarded its rain... now if it was a giant ass meteor the thats an ok excuse but god damn its rain...
2010-01-01 13:25:58

It's amazing how weird people can get? I think that.. like.. EVERYONE would notice if you hit a girl while you were running. It's more amazing no one helped those young girls..
2009-11-24 17:21:25

safe person
why dont the sucide bomb in these situation to kill these dumb asses
2009-07-31 00:17:02

I live in Minsk, and I remember that day. Luckily I am not afraid of rain, and I just walked home, never giving a shit about getting wet.
When I think about this incident, I just dont understand these fucking people... Maybe I would undestand them, if sulphuric acid rained from the sky, and they ran for their lives... But it was just water... and they crushed young girls for what? For not getting their fucking clothes wet? Shit, I hate them fucking people 90% of the time for shit like this
2009-02-20 23:28:38

Damned savages. A mob of ignorant dumbasses is a dangerous thing. May the burden of those who perished forever be tormenting the consciouses of the ones responsible.
2009-02-02 01:44:48

i've seen something like this for real back in 1988 at castle donington in england when 2 kids got killed, i will never forget that event til the day i day :(
2008-12-31 08:03:11

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