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Monday, October 29, 2007

Suicide → Hanged Gudrun Ensslin... the most wanted German terrorist

Gudrun Ensslin (August 15, 1940 - October 18, 1977) was a founder of the German terrorist group Red Army Fraction (Rote Armee Fraktion).

Several attempts to free her from prison, through hostage-taking by sympathizers and so-called members of the 2nd generation of the RAF, failed. One was the hijacking of a Lufthansa airliner on October 17, 1977. When the airplane was stormed by a German anti-terrorist unit, Ensslin was found hanging in her cell early in the morning of October 18. Officially, her death was ruled a suicide. However, many people believe that her death was extrajudicial executions.

Wiki Article: Gudrun Ensslin

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Brennen Sie in der Hölle für immer Huendin!
2012-04-29 00:21:09

mountain dew
yahoo ! the wicked witch is dead - wish people stopped martyrizing them - jeez
2012-04-20 03:40:37

for the previous comments,The name Crazy
Horse is the name of an American Indian
Hero.LOL He did not make the name up.
2012-04-06 08:54:38

traitor cunt dog shit commie die cow
fuck her back stabber
2012-02-20 16:22:43

great person and brave revolutionary
2012-02-17 17:29:50

heil hitler or no heil hitler traitor communist cunt should have been tortured to death
2012-01-18 01:22:05

2012-01-10 18:44:49

she got it to easy commo cunt
2012-01-09 03:24:24

Jutta: I agree with you. Gudrun was great person and brave revolutionary! And those who are talking dirty and disrespectfully about Gudrun are only human waste. These people should be ashamed for their behaviour. We love you, Gudrun, and we will not forget!
2011-12-31 22:37:52

Yes Jutta, you are correct. crazyhorse wants his head putting anywhere in Germany, and then made to see what it's like. The name fits, must be crazy, stupid name, stupid person.
2011-12-09 17:56:22

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