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Monday, October 29, 2007

Suicide → Hanged Gudrun Ensslin... the most wanted German terrorist

Gudrun Ensslin (August 15, 1940 - October 18, 1977) was a founder of the German terrorist group Red Army Fraction (Rote Armee Fraktion).

Several attempts to free her from prison, through hostage-taking by sympathizers and so-called members of the 2nd generation of the RAF, failed. One was the hijacking of a Lufthansa airliner on October 17, 1977. When the airplane was stormed by a German anti-terrorist unit, Ensslin was found hanging in her cell early in the morning of October 18. Officially, her death was ruled a suicide. However, many people believe that her death was extrajudicial executions.

Wiki Article: Gudrun Ensslin

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You're dead, but not forgotten.
I'll dig you up and fuck you rotten!

Hugs and kisses
2011-02-24 02:20:36

The German Nazi-police killed her to.
2011-02-18 04:56:36

Well.... Does anyone know the story behind the first picture? I really want to know:-)
2011-02-03 02:22:57

lilly of the valley
commies, fascists, capitalists, i dont really care. americans, germans, russians, you're all garbage in my eyes. I hope your children are anally raped while you watch. See them choke on their own blood. I hope you live long enough to see your own intestines as they gut you like the fat hairy pigs that you all really are. Maggot food, that is all you are good for. I hope i get to see the day when you all burn, when this whole world burns. cling to your castles in the sky, cling to your lies, all that is waiting for you is death. there is no glory, there is no justice. suck on that, darlings.
2011-01-23 23:01:21

How old is she on the first picture? When is it taken? Where? Does anyone know the story behind it?
2011-01-21 04:38:56

paulie b
RIP Gudrun; You will stay in my heart forever; xxx
2010-12-09 01:19:16

2010-11-23 10:11:42

germans are fuckin sick
2010-10-31 00:31:03

2010-10-09 02:18:02

Extrajudicial execution, probably saved countless lives who would of been hostages against her release
2010-09-30 23:30:13

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