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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Murder → Victim of a serial killer (Set 1)

A serial killer is someone who murders three or more people in three or more separate events over a period of time. Many serial killers suffer from Antisocial Personality Disorder and not psychosis, and thus appear to be quite normal and often even charming, a state of adaptation which Hervey Cleckley calls the "mask of sanity." There is sometimes a sexual element to the murders. The murders may have been completed/attempted in a similar fashion and the victims may have had something in common, for example occupation, race, sex, etc.

Within criminology, it is a fact that there are NO known incidence or prevalence rates of serial murder. The actual number of serial murders and the actual number of serial killers "out there" is anyone's guess because one is primarily dealing with unsolved homicides. When you hear someone say there are at least 100 serial killers "at large" in America, it is probably more accurate to understand that this is a guess, or a suspected number.

Wiki Article: Serial killer

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crazy ass hole...
2009-06-13 04:36:38

they are really a fucker.....imagine u are the u have a about your family and your love one.......people like u should be in hell......god damm u...
2009-06-13 04:33:21

To us this is absolutely disgusting and uncomprenible. but a serial killer has a completely different mindset and in some cases the perp almost thinks its within his/her right. The only way to catch these people is to understand every single aspect of him/her right down to a T.
2009-06-12 17:37:36

es ummerdas da pila
2009-06-07 23:32:00

Omg.thats Heartless that anyone would do that.Its sick and wrong.People may not be perfect but that doesnt give people the right to distroy lives.
2009-06-07 02:17:09

People in general are evil. To classify one person as evil is wrong. We all have these temptations, some are weaker than others and have no conscious. It's sad that this has happened. I hope the victim can find rest after such a tragic encounter.
2009-06-04 00:19:23

this shit is fucked up.
2009-05-31 19:48:39

chris is a dumbfuck
shut the fuck up
i hate people like you
ive heard ur kind say we should tattoo sex offender on
sex offenders heads
ur the ones who should be fuckin killed
2009-05-15 12:24:39

all murder is wrong unless justified. people who murder people for no reason at all should be killed (life for a life)
2009-05-14 19:01:13

all serial killers are cowards, got bullied at school and all that, and all you people bigin them up are just lonley people who are too scared to do it youselfs. hahaha sad bastards
2009-05-14 18:54:36

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