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Friday, September 7, 2007

Murder → Victim of a serial killer (Set 2)

In the United States at least, serial killers are most often white males. Other ethnicities involved: African American, Hispanic, Native American, Arab, African, and Asian. Females have consistently only accounted for 16% of all serial killers known since 1800. The African American incidence is rising, from 10% of the total in 1975 to 21% of the total in 2004. Most frequently, but not always, serial murder is intraracial - whites killing whites, blacks killing blacks. Victims are often robbed, and many are raped before or after being killed, and bondage, torture, dismemberment, and cannibalism are not uncommon. Motives speculated upon include profit, ritual, political factors, social factors, moral factors, attention (mothers killing their children), and compassion (frequent in medical-type serial murders). In many cases, the killer and victims are strangers who just recently met.

Serial killers can be disorganized or organized, and the sexual orientation can be either heterosexual or homosexual. The primary difference is that an organized lust killer can usually escape police detection, not that the disorganized type engages in more deviant sexual practices. In fact, either type, organized or disorganized, can be involved in a number of deviant sex practices, from formicophilia, to pedophilia and child pornography, to erotic asphyxiation, and infibulation, bestiality, transvestism, exhibitionism, or pyromania. Sadism, necrophilia, and cannibalism are more typical of the disorganized type, however.

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Gotta love it when a piece states facts about
how bad it is in the US but never anywhere
else. Just makes this site look like the joke it
is. Show facts about other countries to look
unbiased or stay looking like a complete joke.
2011-10-25 09:55:53

always the case - white males accounting for most
serial killing. makes me wonder what is in our
blood/mind to make us such sadistic murderous
pieces of work. kinda makes you associate with the
idea that whites are famous for invading and
2011-10-25 08:20:51

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2011-09-21 05:13:13

Nicely done
2011-09-05 22:04:52

sr satan
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2011-08-20 10:10:49

Michael Chin
This is one about the worst serial
killer in NZ history. Is is the most
senior police official in Manukau
Counties NZ Police district. and (somewhere in
2011-08-09 04:40:31

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2011-06-25 23:55:20

damn looks like somebody was fucking pissed off !!!! she looks like a fucking carpet lol!
2011-06-16 22:31:28

This is hard
2011-05-29 17:35:01

daammmmmm :/
2011-03-16 04:17:03

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