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Saturday, September 8, 2007

ExecutionsBeheading → Beheading of the Russian soldier by Chechen rebels (Good Quality Video)

This is the famous video about the brutual beheading of the Russian soldier by Chechen rebels during the war between the Russian Federation and Chechnya in 1996.

Video: Download "beheading_russian_soldier2.wmv"

The First Chechen War was fought between Russia and Chechnya from 1994 to 1996 and resulted in Chechnya's independence from Russia. By one conservative estimate there were 7,500 Russian military, 4,000 Chechen combatant, and more than 35,000 civilian deaths.

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Jack Crowe
No one should die like this. Fuck Chechnya, fuck Russia and fuck you little monsters who would probably beg for a bullet if this was you on the video!
2012-08-18 06:37:13

oww come on russia why so sooky
just because a country doesnt want to bend over for you and become good obedient communist robots.fuck you i swear let god be my witness if i had a nuclear weapon i would not hesitate for a nano second to put a nuclear weapon on mosscow put all you communists to sleep dah comrade dah
2012-07-30 05:26:26

2012-07-27 08:11:10

Thanks for showing me this babe. >.>
2012-07-14 02:03:34

Your name:
Ohmyfucking oww.
2012-07-14 02:03:09

1stly i would like to explain that we (Muslims generally Chechens particularly) do never like this brutality, but why don't u see what Russian soldiers also did against Chechen KIDS AND WOMEN (witnessed even by Christian organizations specially by Danish and Georgian orgs),2ndly,its a continuity of the Russo-Caucasian war which began in 1602 when Russians tried to occupy our country and Chechens were Christians that time by the way,so dont be that much ignorant please dears,3rdly,u will never witness the truth except when u visit the Caucasus and see what Russians did from more than 400 years, 4thly, whoever accuse Chechens to be in the wrong side becoz Chechens r demanding their RIGHT OF FREEDOM,is really sick.fifthly,even Christianity forbids eating pigs,i won't be DOWN like some of u who say we're pigs,bcoz iknow there r the good and the bad everywhere,by the way,i have RUSSIAN CHRISTIAN friends who support our freedom and curse their soldiers who do crimes in MY HOMELAND CHECHNYA
2012-07-08 02:25:37

Lol, Colin, are you reading this?
2012-07-04 21:56:58

Damn, I was looking for this one for a few
years now. Thought it was banned.
2012-07-02 06:27:08

2012-07-01 09:04:15

We will all burn
muslims are funny, the subhuman breed that they are think they are heroic by beheading a captured bound soldier and that allah will smile upon them for commiting this act. I ask the the subhuman muslims, where is your divine one? why isnt he helping you? The rest of the world is the rightous hammer of God and he is helping us crush you into the sand. Soon iran will fall (at whatever time we choose) and then you have nothing left, you wont be able to leagaly(sic) practice your sick brutal ways. Oh did I say you were subhumans? I think I did, but you know its true.
2012-06-28 06:14:26

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