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Saturday, September 8, 2007

ExecutionsBeheading → Beheading of the Russian soldier by Chechen rebels (Good Quality Video)

This is the famous video about the brutual beheading of the Russian soldier by Chechen rebels during the war between the Russian Federation and Chechnya in 1996.

Video: Download "beheading_russian_soldier2.wmv"

The First Chechen War was fought between Russia and Chechnya from 1994 to 1996 and resulted in Chechnya's independence from Russia. By one conservative estimate there were 7,500 Russian military, 4,000 Chechen combatant, and more than 35,000 civilian deaths.

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Fuck islam,fuck allah, and fuck your demon offspring. I fully enjoyed decimating your stupid coward asses from hundreds of feet in the air and you couldnt do shit about it. except run like pussies into schollhouses and hospitals, and mosques and you thought i woudlnt shoot into it. If you didnt give a shit about geneva convetions then i didint either. I would gladly behad any muslim on camera with a fuckin butter knife. Jesus be with you.
2010-12-21 08:56:20

Pain is the game. Its too easy to put a bullet in
ur head, they want to see u suffer.
2010-12-05 16:59:49

This was a hard one to watch. It kinda makes me want to roast some Chechen offal to be quite honest. I've never understood such barbarity. A bullet in the head is quicker, just as effective.
2010-12-01 17:48:00

black cock for my wife
should of wore a scarf lol
2010-11-28 16:15:59

The World
A curse be upon Allah, it is a demon.
2010-11-26 22:15:01

i am glad that the russian pigs got a slow
dead i hope that he sufferd a lot and i
hope that ol opressers of the islam die
that way allah akbar.
2010-11-24 05:59:25

big jaw this aint fake allah is
2010-11-21 20:40:32

If you're so fucking religious, wtf are you doing nosing around this site. Go stick your nose in the Bible instead, you hypocritical subhumans.
2010-11-06 23:38:02

Hope his family didnt find this video
2010-10-30 00:57:39

this video is fake their is a web site where the people in the video show you how they faked it
2010-10-24 17:50:27

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