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Saturday, September 8, 2007

ExecutionsBeheading → Beheading of the Russian soldier by Chechen rebels (Good Quality Video)

This is the famous video about the brutual beheading of the Russian soldier by Chechen rebels during the war between the Russian Federation and Chechnya in 1996.

Video: Download "beheading_russian_soldier2.wmv"

The First Chechen War was fought between Russia and Chechnya from 1994 to 1996 and resulted in Chechnya's independence from Russia. By one conservative estimate there were 7,500 Russian military, 4,000 Chechen combatant, and more than 35,000 civilian deaths.

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i think i need psychological help after that shit... DAMN
2010-02-20 07:27:30

fuck browns
all brown people, especially muslims can rot in hell
2010-02-19 21:36:18

tim from fl
FUCK ALLAH and his filthy beard, fuck mohammed and his non-exsisting homsexual ass, FUCK ALL MUSLIM PEOPLE!!!! THEY ARE FILTHY AND DISGUSTING. I WIPE MY ASS WITH THE QU'RAN
2010-02-17 22:57:18

true islam
all muslim men must see this and kill in this way to all non muslim . for this is islam LOL
2010-02-16 18:51:09

to ME
this is what must happen to all non muslims and this is good to do and to kill in this way to cut the throat and make him bleed out befor he dies and good and gives power to muslim that dose this !!!!!!!!!!!!
2010-02-16 01:50:02

An American muslim
tim it would be better if u ask ur mom or sis to hide under a blanket cuz i gonna really fuck them off today...........
2010-02-14 13:35:08

tim from fl
2010-02-14 06:53:20

For "KOOL"
You are a sick fanatic bastard as all the other islamic idiots. I am a christian , and I know that Islam is not about violence. You only use it to cover up you're crimes and thirst for power. But you will all go to hell. Do you really think that alah want's you to kill everyone who is not muslim? NO! You're leaders want you to do that, and they promise you a glorious place in heaven and I don't know how meany virgins. And you all believe that bullshit. I bet most of you didn't even read the coran. It is all about peace and tolerance. I read it as a christian , but I don't think that you have read who kill for islam!!! You don't see that you actually kill for Satan! May the Lord open youre eyes and have mercy on you.
2010-02-13 15:05:44

tim from florida
notice how like 75% of global conflict and brutality is caused by these complete pieces of shit known as muslims. thank god we have countries like the US, UK, Russia and many others that can assume complete control of their countries within days, shit on their capitals and make their mothers clean it up. Also hang their fucking leaders!
2010-02-09 01:07:19

i hope his mon and dad see how there pig dies LOL ISLAM WILL WIN
2010-01-29 00:30:23

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