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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Suicide → Young girl jumped off building in China on Christmas

This girl jumped off a commercial building in Weizhou (China).

...and this happened on Christmas (12/25/2006).

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what a wedgy thats what call a bit outof shape
2013-03-04 09:59:25

Ted Bundy
Must have got a lump of coal.
2013-02-18 06:04:31

reply to Tina .b. uh duh, ya think? No she had no reason tojump off a building on Christmas. You f-ing dumbass,
2013-02-11 05:38:39

How dare you stupid idiots say this..the poor girl..I hope when you get to this point I can get a good laugh seeing you split in to so I can relieve myself in your open will die one day and Karma will get back to you..looking forward to the day
2013-01-13 10:05:03

2012-12-24 08:51:36

wogpak's twin
I'd cook dat n make it
into a soup yum
2012-11-23 00:35:55

this is bare cute
2012-11-23 00:32:10

holly carp
2012-11-09 17:03:40

Holy crapppppppp!!!!!!!!!! wow :(
2012-09-02 22:20:43

Exactly what I wanna do Christmas morning
scrape this chic off the mezzanine :-/
2012-08-07 08:31:22

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