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Monday, September 10, 2007

Fake → Bride died in a car accident

Accident occurred two hours after her wedding, as a car collided with another car.

The bride was not wearing a seat belt, was ejected and died of a broken neck instantly.... in the movie scene! The movie was about how unsafe to drive a car under the influence of alcohol.

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well excuse me all to hell
2012-03-26 07:16:37

its not a bride to begin with, it is a high school couple on their way home or to their high school prom..
2012-03-17 21:45:07

is that the bride who sucked orf her man after the wedding he lost control as he cum down her throat and crashed causeing her to bite of his john tomass.
2012-02-28 04:14:26

this is soooooo stupid
2012-02-01 20:42:22

pj mooneyham
i thout it was real that would have been horrabal
2012-01-19 16:16:55

yeah it did look a bit cleashay
2012-01-09 10:08:14

Always thought this looked fake (don't live in the country where it ran) the lack of wounds where an obvious tip off.
A real accident don't look like that
2011-12-28 01:32:47

he is a real criminals
2011-10-15 20:09:51

always wear your seat belt
2011-09-01 13:03:13

Because she is wearing a corsage on her hand and he has a carnation on his coat, this would be a Prom Date not a wedding.
2011-08-09 05:39:16

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