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Monday, September 10, 2007

Fake → Bride died in a car accident

Accident occurred two hours after her wedding, as a car collided with another car.

The bride was not wearing a seat belt, was ejected and died of a broken neck instantly.... in the movie scene! The movie was about how unsafe to drive a car under the influence of alcohol.

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2010-06-25 16:02:23

omg she died just from that and shes covord with blood
2010-06-24 22:08:45

tht may be fake but if tht happened to me id be depressed
2010-06-21 22:04:15

fake as shit
2010-06-01 21:39:11

Jesus Christ
God Bless
2010-05-25 02:48:17

2010-05-12 14:22:45

take a driver>...............(s5).
2010-04-29 16:07:40

fake or not fake,don't drink and drive.
2010-03-18 20:31:53

The sharp edges where the glass was is now covered
with duct tape. Super fake. And someone needs to
suck that guys dick.
2010-03-04 07:00:40

That's a scene acted out by students of a their high school. You can tell by the way they're dressed that it's not a "wedding." It's supposed to warn teens about drunk driving, specifically on prom night. Those are actors. The cars were most likely pulled from an impound or something. They did this at my high school.
2010-01-24 21:38:38

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