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Monday, September 10, 2007

Fake → Bride died in a car accident

Accident occurred two hours after her wedding, as a car collided with another car.

The bride was not wearing a seat belt, was ejected and died of a broken neck instantly.... in the movie scene! The movie was about how unsafe to drive a car under the influence of alcohol.

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thats sad with the husband right there. :(
2009-06-18 02:00:24

mohssin larache
lah y3adem lajar akhay dyali lah yddel mhaba bsbar ma3andek madir kamlin lila
2009-04-29 02:18:21

I'm so damn glad it was only a tv add....
2009-04-27 23:37:58

TV Idiots.
2009-04-26 11:40:29

Yeah...single again boy!!!
2009-04-09 23:41:05

They used that to advertise the use of seat belts.
2009-01-28 14:23:29

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