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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bizarre → Bizarre masturbation of the woman

Is there a conventional way for women to masturbate?

Video: Download "bizzare_masturbation.wmv"

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It's very sexy!
2009-05-17 07:56:48

It's on
2009-05-10 09:41:56

Her arms should've been tied behind her back, and her elbows, ankles and knees tied together. She should've also been tightly ball gagged
2009-05-07 18:30:24

D.B. Cooper, I agree, I love being strangeled and smaked and called nasty things while I lose conciouness, absoloutly invigorating.
2009-03-19 19:44:06

I'll stick to vibs thank you very much!
2009-02-27 05:22:32

Call me old fashion but lets be honest what ever happened to just fingering or jerking off. Why is it human nature now a days to find new highs in bedroom, pun intended. Really though how would this be explained to the family if to die like that?
2009-02-26 08:08:07

Where do you find this video??? I want to see more!!!
2009-02-11 17:59:03

doo doo
haha, bitch
2009-02-04 22:15:33

nathan t doodoo
stupid, but whatever floats your boat.
2009-01-10 03:55:54

I thought this video was very interesting though it would be better if we all could see her face and her reaction to choking then another thing would make it better is to let that gentlemen let her choke until she doesn't move anymore then see how her reaction to that would be.
2009-01-01 06:40:59

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