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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bizarre → Bizarre masturbation of the woman

Is there a conventional way for women to masturbate?

Video: Download "bizzare_masturbation.wmv"

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these type of asphyxiation experiments
are better done with a partner. if
anything starts to gets wrong, you still
have a chance of trying it another day
only if your partner is not pervert
enough to masturbate himself/herself at
the sight of you fighting for your life.

well taping this kind of stuff would be
the stupid act. if something goes wrong,
you made your own evidence to take you
to the hangman's noose or injection or
chair whichever is applied in your
2011-08-18 22:20:56

It is hot. Love to see them. Not the first time. One swinging dick on him.
2011-08-17 20:09:22

biztos kinyirnám ahülye kurva anyját is
meg őtis...xd
2011-08-13 20:10:11

that was realy hot!!! but i believe if he left her die and after fuck her dead meat it would be perfect
2011-07-01 16:07:13

Straight Truth is a fucking Limey Fag!!! Talk like everyone else, Crumpet Breath!!!
2011-06-17 20:39:40

Straight Truth
This is quite stupid, really.
2011-05-14 22:35:50
I think this is hot! I'd love to try it!
2011-05-09 20:14:07

"I think it is somewhat telling that
most of the negative comments are
(judging by the spelling, grammar and
punctuation) from less educated persons,
while the more tolerant response come
from people who are clearly more

Do you mean by that PhD owners are fags?
2011-05-03 07:33:59

Dear Sirs,
im a maso and devot Underage girl, and i luv receiving Pervert Orders from Dominent Men.

Any True Guy who loves those Pics is invited to add and contact me on YIM. My Yahoo-Nick is

Hope to see You.
2011-04-27 03:39:51

2011-02-03 20:57:28

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