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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Brutality → Python swallows a live chick

The python swallows a live chick.

Video: Download "python_eats_live_bird.wmv"

The python is one such animal, especially the larger species that have been known to kill with sheer brutal strength. These snakes have enough power in their bodies to strangle any human being no matter their own personal strength.

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you sick,,to film this shit.
fucking latino or nigga who film this
2009-12-13 21:18:26

Not cool
It's one thing to feed your snake. It's another thing to film it because it shows your mental instability. Seriously. It's like you've documented this moment for viewing later as often as you like.

You're not a National Geographic videographer, this is not a film on how a snake eats. This shows us that you enjoy watching something suffer and that is a sure sign of a mental illness.

You should be on psychotropic medications.
2009-11-24 06:23:23

Funny, usually it's the chick that swallows a snake.
2009-11-08 07:09:08

thats fucked up. not even coo dawg
2009-09-24 07:55:44

As long as everyone blaims the sicko videotaping this and not the snake doing what comes naturally to it, then I'm cool.
2009-09-17 11:54:12

hmm. interesting. out of all the things on the site that interest me. this is one
2009-08-26 03:47:10

Sick fucks is riqht.

All who find this funny,

and do the same shit to birds...

Will fuckinq die.
2009-08-21 09:17:34

scientist didnt belive in hell they some
scientist in the 1940 they were
experimenting under earth to see if hell
existed and when they kept going deeper
they herd loud screams in diffrent
languages and in 1 in spanish said
(satans satanas) satan satn if u dont
belive me look up in voces
en el infierno some shit like that
2009-08-11 03:33:04

Silly Americans, chicks are for tricks.
2009-07-14 20:24:23

That is so sad. Why do people film stuff like this?
2009-07-06 19:17:37

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