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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Executions → Hanging of two men and a woman in public in Iran

Two men and a woman were publicly hanged in northwestern Iran in July 15, 2007. The woman, identified only as Houriyeh, 29, and the two men were sentenced to death for the murders three months ago. "She had serious problems with her husband and hated his family. She hired Farhad and Reza to kill her brother-in-law and his parents," an unnamed judiciary official told the mass media. Houriyeh was wearing a head-to-toe black chador. The noose's knot on the woman's neck slipped to the front, that's why it took so long for her to die and causing more suffering. The case attracted great public interest and about 5000 people, including judiciary and police officials, gathered to watch the hangings.

Video: Download "iran_hanging_woman.wmv"

Death by hanging is not considered to be a humane method of exterminating a healthy human being. It is a very brutal and cruel death.
Hanging still exists as a method of death penalty in Egypt, Iran, Japan, Jordan, Pakistan, Singapore, and in the USA (Washington State). The hanging method used in Iran is extremely brutal, because the death by suffocation came slow.

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eric olmstead
i think hanging should be made to make
the object to suffer, its why they're
being executed, plus its entertainment
to watch IT suffer
2021-09-21 14:53:26

Allah O Akbar
There must an international law which prohibits these motherfucker bastards from recording on such low quality. this is really disgusting. if u don't have a phone of iPhone quality then for Christ's fuck sake, stay away from recording. this is just another shit. all low quality recordings should be immediately removed from the net and recorder must be executed.
2021-02-20 04:59:56

Satan jr
Lucifer reto Al altisimo y el arcangel
Miguel le dejo El culo sangrado.
2020-02-01 15:16:38
2020-02-01 23:15:28

Fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap,
squirt, squirt, squirt!!!
Man watching this bitch dancing gives me the best Orgasms!!! :-)
2019-08-08 17:01:36

9 years ago, I said this was pathetic. I
was wrong and am sorry I said that. She
deserved to die like this. Women deserve
to be hanged exactly like this. We
deserve to kick our feet and fling our
legs while a noose tightens around our
necks. We deserve dying this way.
2019-06-14 12:52:38

Tim Haight
Unfortunately the libtard governor got the death penalty overturned in Washington State.
2019-04-03 04:54:51

A man who killed 21 people at sweden was
treat like a baby in jail they give him
everything he want even a ps4 and he
complains about the old games and want
new games. People who complain about
hanging here are motherfucker cocksuckers
pussies you sissy faggots fuck every one
of religions and your imaginiry god. But
that what you get when you plan and
murder three people. If you dont like
gore and want to comment like a little
girl this site is not for you twinky
little whore
2018-07-29 16:59:53

Look at her go. What's wrong woman can't
catch your breath? You dance like a pro.
2018-02-26 05:35:48

Swing little cunt. Feel the life choked
out of you. Dance bitch dance
2017-06-27 03:49:06

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