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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Executions → Execution of Russian conscripts in Dagestan (Russia) (1999) (Set 2)

Execution of six Russian conscripts in Dagestan (Russian Federation).

Video: Download "execution_russians_by_chechens_2.wmv"

This video shows, 6 Russian conscript soldiers in Dagestan in 1999 getting brutally executed by a gang of Chechen terrorists. The gang led by Temirbulatov, crossed into Dagestan with about 200 fighters, the village was protected by 13 lightly armed conscripts of which 7 ran way and 6 got captured. This was the fate of all of them expect one, the one who actually managed to get up and run away ... he was shot in the back. The rest had their throats cut. This whole group was decimated few months later, everyone in this video was killed.

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monkeys with guns
2011-03-13 19:27:22

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2011-03-09 17:57:19

666 the number of the beast
why is the russian in forida are being and not crontribute to help the state all they do its abuse to my eyes//and have not sence to respect to the americans like few tannis players that includes maria sharapova///and others////liek so its have to make relation to BLACKS IN USA
2011-02-27 19:49:57

i want to kill muslis
2011-02-25 04:37:14

more fucking cowards who deserve what they dish out moslem scum should all wiped off of the earth so we can all live in fuck all u taliban alqaida all of u fanatical crazy fucks
2011-02-02 05:51:20

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2011-01-19 10:33:36

bravo foor ever soldier
2011-01-06 14:58:22

white power
soldier the irish is with you all the way fuck muslim scum we had some refugees last year after 3 days they begged the goverment to send them back to there homelands lol we burned them out
2010-12-06 18:26:18

bravo soldier...
fuck 4 US
2010-12-04 16:46:07

Нихуя это не банда Темирбулатова. Темирбулатов убивал в 1996 г., а это 1999 г. Слава ребятам, Вы в наших сердцах!!!
2010-10-28 17:50:42

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