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Monday, September 17, 2007

Executions → Execution of Russian conscripts in Dagestan (Russia) (1999) (Set 4)

Execution of six Russian conscripts in Dagestan (Russian Federation).

Video: Download "execution_russians_by_chechens_4.wmv"

This video shows, 6 Russian conscript soldiers in Dagestan in 1999 getting brutally executed by a gang of Chechen terrorists. The gang led by Temirbulatov, crossed into Dagestan with about 200 fighters, the village was protected by 13 lightly armed conscripts of which 7 ran way and 6 got captured. This was the fate of all of them expect one, the one who actually managed to get up and run away ... he was shot in the back. The rest had their throats cut. This whole group was decimated few months later, everyone in this video was killed.

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Это видео сделало из меня расиста,теперь
видя на улице,в метро очередного
генацвали-я буду асоциировать его с этими
мразями на видео.Как говорил Данила- "НЕ
2010-12-01 06:47:50

Пиндосы ебучие! Вам бы так глотки перерезать! Вам и вашим матерям, детям и жёнам! Чтоб значи каково это.
2010-11-26 19:32:23


Cool story bro!
2010-11-05 05:59:49

Sorry for those young boys
2010-11-04 15:49:24

This is definitely barbaric and needlessly cruel. But there is another side. The Russian army was exceedingly cruel in Chechnya as well. For all these guys have done, the Russians have done worse. Rape. Murder. Physical and mental abuse. The Russians are and always were a cruel occupation army, guilty of many atrocities. The Germans in WW2 hoped and prayed that it would be British or Americans instead of Russians that captured or occupied their towns during and after the war. These men are murderous assholes but I think they're more pissed off than naturally cruel.
2010-09-19 08:57:08

I have seen some fucked up shit, and I believe in fighting killing and dying for what you believe, but to laugh while you kill defenceless conscript kids is beyond anything defenceable. these fuckin cowards will all have begged more than the guys they killed, the poor boys in the video died with as much dignety as anyone can, I prey they rest in peace, and that the gutless cunts who murdered them are suffering for eternity, I shit on their graves.
2010-09-16 00:44:47

The group of terrorists who did this were eventually captured / killed, and the ones who WERE captured were brutally executed on their way to the supposed POW amnesty camp they were promised

I beleive in the fact that war comes with obvious casualties, but to kill men in this manner is just disgusting. At least do it with some honor, quick and painless like a bullet to the forehead.

This is barbarian scare tactics and it unfortunately achieves its goal as a scare tactic, fortunate for the rest of their would-be future victims, the spetsnaz dealt with this group of chechen scum.
2010-09-07 04:27:54

well done islam
kill kill kill kill kill kill kill
2010-08-18 17:56:44

sick fucks
Russians are sick fucking people.. They're brains have been poisoned at Chernobyl
2010-07-29 10:38:43

Fucking checehnian terrorists ....Hey russians nuke them!!!!!
2010-07-11 05:16:14

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