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Monday, September 17, 2007

Executions → Execution of Russian conscripts in Dagestan (Russia) (1999) (Set 4)

Execution of six Russian conscripts in Dagestan (Russian Federation).

Video: Download "execution_russians_by_chechens_4.wmv"

This video shows, 6 Russian conscript soldiers in Dagestan in 1999 getting brutally executed by a gang of Chechen terrorists. The gang led by Temirbulatov, crossed into Dagestan with about 200 fighters, the village was protected by 13 lightly armed conscripts of which 7 ran way and 6 got captured. This was the fate of all of them expect one, the one who actually managed to get up and run away ... he was shot in the back. The rest had their throats cut. This whole group was decimated few months later, everyone in this video was killed.

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суки \ fucking shit
2009-05-22 17:41:08

this is fucked up
I hope that all these fucking pigs that killed these russian got the same thing
2009-05-03 02:31:09

this is the reason I did'nt go in the army because I have no problems with killing the but getting killed by the enemy in such a goat like fashion is fucking unimaginable. I would have probably die from a fucking heat attack before it was my turn to get beheaded.
2009-04-29 08:44:54

Fuck World!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2009-04-27 21:27:43

fuck you and your islam terrorism...i kiss a hands of russians soliders who kilied your islamic terrorists in chechenia.long life for Russia and USA
2009-04-23 08:14:43

hahahahahah very good ,
we will kill all russian and americain and israel and china and india dog
long life to islam allah akbar

2009-04-17 11:13:55

deeply disturbed
as long as this sort of thing goes on we can never hope to end all wars and live in a world of peace, for acts like these anger & disturb so many people. Revenge is only a matter of time.
2009-03-12 05:42:24

im sure that this gay has never nobody killed
2009-02-19 11:25:12

everyone from here is from a different country or background. and all of you people have seen what happened to these russians.why cant we all unite and end all this terrorism and war? why do we as the people of the world have to live in our own boundaries to feel safe? i,as an american, dont care were you are from, what color you are. what religion you or what other ideals you have. i cant judge a person until i really get to know them or see their actions. i wish everyone with a a brain in their heads came to their sentence, i wish the news in the U.S would show these type of things on the news so people would be aware of the thhings that happens.i just to let you people know that you guys and gals, are truly sensible people. i can tell from this little group of people on this site are not all bad. i am sure that most of you could see in terro just like i really sucks staying in ones country for protection.
2009-02-07 07:50:43

fuck them all
2009-01-28 14:29:27

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