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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Accident → A wedding ring finger trauma

A wedding band got snagged and rip off the finger.

We don't think having a ring on the wedding ring finger is a good idea, especially, for men.

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Bo Bendtsen, administrator
the truth:

This man is my former associate. In September 2006 he told me to fuck off and gave me the middle finger so I tore the skin off his finger.

2016-01-14 00:03:38

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2015-10-02 12:38:47

I guess it was a good idea to have your wedding
band tattooed.
2015-05-04 22:33:47

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Lau Guai
WTF happened? Zombie poon?
2015-03-11 21:56:32

That's not the wedding finger
2014-11-17 23:46:05

Nah it isnt That kind like painfull it
wil grow back after they put hes flesh
back break a legg is more painfull like
2014-08-29 11:01:28

Kevin Steven
holy jesus! och that is nasty. who the
hell gets a wedding ring that is that
2014-07-21 02:55:08

Mikaela Laderoute
oh my god! that looks very painful
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