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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Accident → A wedding ring finger trauma

A wedding band got snagged and rip off the finger.

We don't think having a ring on the wedding ring finger is a good idea, especially, for men.

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cause of people like you kim :-). its
funny when people like yourself comment
and get all psycho. Keep up the good work!
Here have a sticker :-) tosser hahaha
2011-10-16 22:25:05

thats sick why the f would you put that online
2011-10-13 16:50:53

this is fucking nasty ! Lmao
2011-10-10 20:58:38

oh thats disgusting
2011-10-07 13:40:56

Buy software
5rbxZs Develop the topic further! It is interesting to know more details..!
2011-09-28 20:54:10

tht does look fake i agree you can tell by the busted wedding ring and the skin is moving if you look closely at the pic u can see at thte lower abdand tht the abdonable has puxsered the flates im a cosmotaklligist and we have to know abnout everything in ur body including hand and fingers
2011-09-12 23:26:03

im scared to wear a ring now omg what happened tht is soo sad and disgusting i feel so sorry for whomeev had to ggo through tht trauma
2011-09-12 23:23:42

that is gross :P
2011-09-10 19:31:57

Even if its fake.....sheeeesh!!!
2011-09-06 04:16:05

i agree its fake..!!
2011-09-02 07:12:53

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