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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Murder → Serial killer in action

This is a common view of the female corpse after being treated by a sadistic serial murderer. The nose, breasts, and the most visible portion of the victim's genitals were cut off... apparently post mortem.

There are approximately 500 serial killers active at any time in the United States (we do hope this is not true) and approximately 5,000 victims of serial murderes a year. We refer you to our articles: "Victim of a serial killer (Set 1)" and "Victim of a serial killer (Set 2)."

CharonBoat Article: Victim of a serial killer (Set 1)

CharonBoat Article: Victim of a serial killer (Set 2)

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After reading some of these articles and threads, I
have come to realize that many of you truly don't
read the prior threads before making comments.
NapalmDeath is right, the sad thing is that you can
truly never know who a Serial Killer is. No one
seems to know this guys name, so, how would you
recognize him on the street. Most Serial Killers
seem to be able to blend in with society, up to a
point, so how do you ever expect to identify them.

I disagree that movies and the internet are the
cause of Serial Killers. If you think this, you need to
read up on them to understand that they all suffer
from some form of mental illness. Until the cause of
this is understood, they will continue to kill, with or
without movies/internet. Its not so much what you
see, but, how you view things that releases the
desire to commit this type of crime.
2009-08-20 14:25:18

i think thAT by showing videos of killing .. gives more ideas to the killers to do these type of things... its most of the Internets fault for all the killers killing and also the movies that =have been made often....={{
this is very bad... it may be influenced to children...
2009-07-08 00:41:40

Michael Jackson...?
2009-07-06 02:51:24

Looks like someone had a fun night with her!;)
2009-06-30 20:15:07

ok, so ... I mean ... fuckinhell eh? never even heard of the guy - which is deplorable ignorance on my part... thanks napalm - there's lots on the net about him and her - no doubt the movie is being made somewhere...
2009-06-15 17:44:44

How old are you viewers? Does anyone of you read previous threads before you think or write?
This was written 9th JANUARY..and just to add,..his father was very wealthy and paid for his release. He is now a celebrity believe it or not.

if you're interested the name of the victim is Dutch student Renée Hartevelt and the killer is Issei Sagawa. He killed her to eat her and the portions of the meat that was missing was either already in his belly or stored in the fridge for later consumption. He actually used her underwear as napkin when he was eating her flesh. he's a free man and barely served anytime at all!
2009-01-09 01:22:35
2009-06-06 19:47:03

She looks good enough to eat >XD
2009-05-29 04:36:21

i dont kno
she looks lik she might have deserved it
he is rather crude though, in his work
2009-05-15 12:21:01

MMM Din dins come and get it. That is one fucked up pic. What a fuckin whackjob And he is a free man? Wow I gotta meet his lawer! oh yeah nice minge ( whats left of it ) Sick fucker
2009-05-04 08:16:56

Happy Man
The Bitch ain't got Titty's..
2009-04-13 12:37:55

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